One day in Kyoto is never enough, but for my fifth visit to this gorgeous city, I decided to spend it at my absolute favourite temple in Japan - Kiyomizudera.

There are so many themed venues in Tokyo, so when I heard that there was an AVOCADO-themed restaurant in Harajuku, I HAD to check it out!

I was super nervous the night before this vlog, but it turned out that I didn't need to be! I attended the 2018 YouTube Hanami party in Tokyo and met a bunch of other creators - and had a fab time!

I visited #Persona5 locations in real life Tokyo and the likenesses are SPOT ON. Plus, I went to Electric Town Akihabara to check out what merch I could find! Like video games? You'll enjoy my latest vlog!

In today’s vlog, I visited Tokyo’s ‘hipster town’, which is full of trendy cafes and vintage clothing stores (plus, an adorable bakery that make TOTORO-themed cream puffs!). 

Japanese bentos are delicious, and in today's vlog I learned how to make my own - plus, it was TOTORO themed! Then I show you how I've been taking my Instagram photos by myself since I was travelling solo in Tokyo.
If you're a Studio Ghibli fan... you NEED to go here! I spent the day hiking through Tokorozawa in Saitama, which is the country town and forest area that inspired My Neighbour Totoro!

For my fifth visit to Japan, but first trip travelling solo, I really wanted to find an apartment that was in central Tokyo that could feel like home for my two week stay. This place exceeded expectations - it really was my dream Tokyo apartment! 🏠🌵

Cutting My Hair In Tokyo, Cute Cafes & Kiddyland! // Solo Travel Japan Vlog #2
In today's vlog, I decided to get my hair cut and coloured at ASSORT Tokyo (a.k.a. one of the trendiest, English-speaking salons in Tokyo!) and revisit one of my favourite cafes, Cafe Kitsune - yes, owned by design house Maison Kitsune! 

After receiving so many requests to do a second series of HIJESSICAANNE IN JAPAN, I decided to daily vlog this trip for you guys, so I have a tonne of videos coming your way - this is just the beginning!

I always keep all of my beauty samples and minis aside for travelling, and then I thought, what if I challenged myself to put together an entire skincare routine and makeup look ONLY using samples?

I Tried a PERIOD Subscription Box?! // ModiBodi X Bellabox Unboxing Review
Ladies, I took one for the team and tried a PERIOD subscription box! Aaaaand I filmed it, because I knew you’d all be curious!

I know it's technically the beginning of autumn (or 'fall' for all of my Northern Hemisphere friends) right now in Australia, but this glowy, fresh makeup look works for all season too! 

This week was Bii’s farewell before she goes back to Canada, so Ken, Bii and I went for one last Korean BBQ dinner together to say goodbye. Plus I make an exciting announcement… am I finally going back to Japan?! 

Because if your bday falls on - or let’s face it, NEAR - a weekend, why not extend the celebrations?!

This was my very first Lucky Bag (also known as ‘Fukubukuro’ in Japan) and it had a bunch of HIGH END beauty products inside! Um, Beautylish really delivered 👌🏻
Today's vlog is just a little one! Adriana, Bii, Ken and I tried the most unique sushi train-style hot pot restaurant then we somehow ended up at Chadstone 😂

After 5 years with the same glasses, this blind as a bat lil lady decided to splurge on a new pair of specs! I also treated myself to a minimalistic star manicure and shopped up a little storm at Priceline!

I Cut My Hair SHORT at a Korean Salon & YouTuber Christmas Party! // VLOG
I cut off all my hair! In this vlog I visited Korean hair salon, Aery Salon, in Melbourne and completely changed my hair! Afterwards I headed to Bii's Christmas Party and had a fabulous time (where a lot of cheese and wine was involved!).

How have I been on Youtube for almost a year, and not done a Q&A yet?! Hope you guys enjoy this sit down video and get to know me a bit better, as well as seeing a sneak peek of all of my Christmas gifts for my friends and family (and me hehe).

Maybelline Blogger Masterclass & New 2018 Makeup Releases! // VLOG
The babes over at Maybelline HQ invited me to their Blogger Masterclass and I vlogged the event so you guys could get a sneak peek at some of the new goodies coming out super soon (hint, start planning your shopping lists now, because Maybelline have so many new products coming out from now and through the start of 2018!). 

I have been stockpiling a bunch of new makeup over the past couple of weeks until I had enough for a full face, so I hope you guys enjoy watching me put together this makeup look (and trying some really unusual products along the way!).

INSTAGRAM FLATLAY Costume DIY & NYX Cosmetics Halloween Party! // VLOG
This Halloween I was totally extra and dressed up as a literal Instagram flatlay because #ontrend. And I decided to film the DIY process of it as well in case you wanted to be a flatlay for the spooky season too, since it’s SO EASY and you can use whatever makeup you have in your house to make it. Do it for the ‘gram! 

What a Weekend! Shopping, Brunch & Beauty Events! // VLOG
What a weekend! This week I’m bringing you a longer vlog because I wasn’t a hermit this weekend (not joking… #introvertlife) and I got up to a LOTTTT, i.e. shopping, good food and a beauty blogger event with Clarisonic & Lancome!

Shu Uemura's Girls Night Out Blogger Event! 💄 // VLOG
Soooooo… This vlog was meant to go up a few months ago, but better late than never, hey…? Shu Uemura recently blew out 50 candles on their world renowned Cleansing Oil, and what better excuse for a party!

I went to Mork Chocolate with Bii from BiiBiiBeauty because we heard that they had a menu of fancy hot chocolates that went viral on Facebook (sounds like something Melbourne would have - all my Melbournians watching this will know what I mean!). But were they worth the price and hour long queue? 

In May 2017 I spent two weeks travelling Kyoto and Tokyo with my best friend and it will forever be one of the best fortnights in my life! This is the highlights video and features all of my favourite moments from Kyoto and Tokyo.

I pretty much made this DIY video because I couldn’t afford to buy a real pair of floral Gucci sneakers 😅 I’ve been wearing sneakers a lot lately and have wanted to get a pair of pink Adidas Superstars (achievable, but impossible to find) or Gucci sneakers (simply, NOT POSSIBLE) for a while, so I decided to just combine the two and make my own!

I’m back in Melbourne! And um, it’s lucky that I took a SECOND SUITCASE to Japan because I bought some things… Hope you guys enjoy this Japanese fashion, beauty and skincare haul, and stay tuned to the end of the video for details on how to enter the giveaway!

It's the last Japan vlog! We visited the gorgeous Elle Cafe in Shibuya (since WHEN have magazines had their own cafes?!), and spent the afternoon in Asakusa going souvenir shopping in Nakamise and getting our fortunes told at Senso-ji Temple.
Um, so cat cafes are SOOOO yesterday… Jokes, but in all seriousness, I went to an actual HEDGEHOG CAFE in Roppongi Tokyo where you literally get to play with and feed hedgehogs! They are so cute and cheeky, and it’s one of the most unique experiences you can get in Japan.

GUYS, I WENT MARIO KARTING IN TOKYO. ACTUAL. MARIO. KARTING. But before that, we headed to Harajuku to explore the famous Takeshita Street (you know, the one famous for the adorably costumed Harajuku girls!) and visit Totti Candy Factory to try one of their super famous (and SO Insta-worthy) giant rainbow cotton candy!

JAPAN VLOG 7 // First Time at LUSH SPA & Visiting a Japanese Supermarket!
So we don’t have Lush Spas in Australia, but they are definitely a must visit if you go to Tokyo and are a Lush fan! In today’s Japan vlog, we went to the one in Daikanyama to treat ourselves to the Tailor Made package, which includes a 30 minute deep tissue massage and a special rum (YES, rum lol) infused tea and cookie afterwards. #bliss

My best friend who I’ve been travelling Japan with is vegan and vegan-friendly food can be tough to find in Tokyo! So we were pretty stoked to find Mr Farmer in Omotesando (a central area of Tokyo) with some delicious vegan options.
I was a little nervous about dying my hair while I was in Tokyo, but I decided to be brave and give it a go! Nalu Number 76 is an English-speaking hair salon in Omotesando and my stylist Erika did a great job on my hair - I actually wanted an ashy brown colour but one bleach wasn’t enough to get there, so she dyed over the yellow bleach tones with a wash-out blue dye to counteract the brassiness and I ended up with BLUE HAIR!

We made it to Tokyo! After a Bullet Train ride from Kyoto to Tokyo, we arrived at our Airbnb apartment in Yoyogi-koen. It was a gorgeously big and bright space, so I just HAD to do an apartment tour for you guys!

I’ve visited Arashiyama, Kyoto on all of my trips to Japan, but this was my first time hiring a bike to explore the streets! I definitely recommend renting one if you’re ever in the area - it’s a great way to get to know the town. While there, we visited Tenryuji temple and the famous Bamboo Grove before travelling to Nara to see the city of deer! 

We visited Kiyomizudera, one of Kyoto’s most iconic temples and RENTED KIMONOS from Okamoto Kimono! We were stopped SO MANY TIMES to be in other tourists’ photos, even literally being pulled into their pictures! It was a tonne of fun though - being dressed in full kimono certainly grabs attention 😅

Welcome to the first of my daily Japan vlogs! I’ve been travelling around Kyoto and Tokyo with my best friend Jess (don’t worry, the irony that we’re both named Jess isn’t lost on us!) and this is my first vid from the trip.

I have been forever searching for a foundation that looks natural, while still giving me a flawless finish - something that looked like my skin, but BETTER. I recently bought 3ina’s The Nude Foundation because it promises just that, but did it live up to my expectations? Watch and find out!

WEEKLY VLOG // Lash Extensions, 3ina Beauty Event & Trying SFX Makeup!
So this week I decided to combine all my adventures into a weekly vlog! Let’s pretend four days = one week… not all of my life is interesting enough to catch on camera hehe 

So what was meant to be just an afternoon trying the delish desserts at Dex2Rose, became a full blown night out with Bii, Adriana and Ken at Madame Brussels and a Korean BBQ in Melbourne!

I LOVE my Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops, but they are just so DARN expensive! So when I found this liquid highlighter by Essence for FOUR DOLLARS, I was praying to the gods of illuminator that I’d found a dupe. 

VLOG: What Bloggers Do On A Day Out + GORGEOUS Melbourne Cafe!
Curious to see what bloggers get up to on a typical day? Follow me around on a day out with my blogger friends, where we had a ridiculously insta-worthy lunch, went wall-hunting for outfit of the day photos, and ended the day at Bibelot!

#treatyoself Went a little nuts with the ‘ol bank card, BUT IT’S OKAY because I filmed a haul video!

VLOG: NYX Cosmetics Cosmic Metals Launch Party 💫
In my latest vlog, I was a lucky attendee at the launch of the brand new NYX Cosmetics Cosmic Metals Lip Creams, and it was a blast (space pun intended!).

VIDEO: Does the Silicone Beauty Blender Work? // HONEST Review & Demo // Korah Beauty
I kept hearing claims that silicone makeup sponges blend in your makeup really seamlessly, are easy to clean and don't absorb any product, and I am ALWAYS keen to try new things in the beauty world!

This was the March box, which was themed Raw Beauty - think soothing products with organic, or naturally derived ingredients. Tick, tick, tick, right?

In this vlog, the team at BYS were total babes and treated me to a preview screening of the new Beauty & The Beast film for the Hoyts Girl's Night Out!
Peachy keen to find out whether this Too Faced palette is worth the hype? I don’t want to spoil it, but… 🍑💓Hope you guys enjoy my quick review and swatches!

In this vlog I visited the Camberwell Markets, what is quite possibly the CUTEST nail salon in Melbourne, and Mecca Cosmetica for a cheeky browse (and we all know what that means!).

I'm already a big fan of cushion foundations, and after trying the version Maybelline released in Japan last year, I was waiting sooooo patiently for the release in Australia!

This time I visited 213 Yoga, tried Poké Bowls (Spoiler: They're DELICIOUS) and got up to some mischief at IKEA. Pretty standard weekend, hey? ;)

This vid is a cheeky Get Ready With Me for a casual day, and I probably had waaaaaaay too much fun filming it! I hope you guys enjoy my silliness - this is literally an accurate portrayal of how I do my makeup haha

While it may have taken me a few deep breaths to press that big 'ol Upload button, my very first vlog is now live! I told myself that this year I would try and PUSH myself out of my comfort zone to do more with Taken By Surprise, so I bought a camera, put my big girl pants on and restarted my YouTube channel!

Want the chance to join me in Maybelline's MNY Crew? Submit a video of your favourite Friday night makeup look and you could be their next big thing! See my MNY Crew video and the entry details at the link.

The amazing team behind Initial Thoughts have created a stellar video series featuring CrownedByFlowers, including a breathtaking short film.

The team behind The Sonder Project are exploring the connections between people living in Melbourne and decided to start their chain reaction with me! Check out the interview we did together about my Etsy shop and fashion style.

Check out the interview I did with Initial Thoughts about my Etsy shop CrownedByFlowers, plus their abstract video inspired by my flower crowns!

Take a look at some of Melbourne's most amazing street art alleyways with me!

My first OOTD video! All about a cheeky garden fairy looking lovely in a gown and flower crown.

Check out the behind the scenes video from the Rimmel Beauty Insider shoot! Plus some very exciting news...

After winning the Rimmel Beauty Insider competition, I was lucky enough to interview one of Rimmel London's top makeup artists. Check the link for videos on getting the perfect base, the perfect lips, and perfect mani!

A video tutorial for a winter-esque winged eyeliner with plum lips.


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