Monday, 8 October 2012

Collective Haul - Makeup, accessories and fun new things!

Sometimes you buy things you need, and sometimes you just buy things you want... I can say - with a sheepish smile on my face - that many of the items in this haul post might be in the latter category! #oops

Oh well, sometimes new things can just cheer you up or  put you in a good mood, especially since this week is my final week of the university semester and it's assignment central. And that meant I was in need of a little retail therapy to take my mind off the stress (truth!).

ecoTools Bamboo Buffing Brush - Priceline ($14.99)
I already own two ecoTools brushes, but I wasn't that impressed with either, but decided to take a chance on this one. And I actually really like it! I've been wanted a flat-ended contouring brush in a while, and it had the perfect soft/firm ratio that I was looking for = very impressed!

Models Prefer Brown Eyes Tutorial Colour Palette - Priceline ($10.00)
When I saw this at the Models Prefer counter, I was first intrigued to see what colours it included for brown eyes (mine are brown-hazel, but close enough!) and the shades in this palette were soooo pretty! It comes with two looks - one for day and night, with three colours for each look, plus a step-by-step which I thought was a cute inclusion. And then I saw it was only $10 - there was little I could do but buy it right then and there! 
(Swatches later in post)

Models Prefer Blotting Paper - Priceline ($5.99)
With summer on the way, I figured my oily skin could use some help on those hot days! And keeping a little packet of blotting paper is a good way to nab shine while keeping your makeup in place. Plus this pack comes with 65x sheets!

Models Prefer Ultra Lipgloss Pencil in "Kiss & Make Up" - Priceline ($9.99 but...)
This actually came as a free gift at Priceline for spending $15+ on Models Prefer products, but it retails for $9.99 normally. It's actually a great colour, it's a deep rosy tint with a gold undertone, perfect for girls with medium to olive skin. It goes on like a lipstick too, it's thick, but not pasty. 
(Swatch later in post)

Rimmel London Soft Kohl Eye Liner Pencil in "White" - Priceline (around $10.00)
Using white pencil liner along your waterline is a great way to create the illusion of bigger and wider awake eyes, and for someone like me that struggles to get enough sleep every night, this baby is super handy to have around in the mornings! It's definitely a makeup bag staple, and this is actually a repurchase as my last one had run out.
(Swatch later in post)

Rimmel London Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses Lip Pencil in "Wine" - Priceline (around $10.00)
I don't really use lip pencil, but my favourite lipstick shade is a gorgeous burgundy colour and it tends to not stay as long as I'd like as it isn't a matte formula. So I bought this pencil hoping it'd help my lippy colour last a bit longer, and it totally does! Sometimes I just use it to outline my lips, then lightly fill them in with a lip brush, then add some lipgloss, and the effect is almost the same!
(Swatch later in post)

♥ Swatches L - R 
Rimmel London Soft Kohl Eyeliner Pencil in "White"
Rimmel London Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses Lip Pencil in "Wine"
Models Prefer Ultra Lipgloss Pencil in "Kiss & Makeup"
Models Prefer Brown Eyes Tutorial Colour Palette in "Natural 1"
Models Prefer Brown Eyes Tutorial Colour Palette in "Natural 2"
Models Prefer Brown Eyes Tutorial Colour Palette in "Natural 3"
Models Prefer Brown Eyes Tutorial Colour Palette in "Smoky Plum 1"
Models Prefer Brown Eyes Tutorial Colour Palette in "Smoky Plum 2"
Models Prefer Brown Eyes Tutorial Colour Palette in "Smoky Plum 3"
Models Prefer Brown Eyes Tutorial Colour Palette Eyeliner Pencil in "Brown"

Hanging Makeup Case - Sportsgirl ($24.95)
Beauty Confession #56: Sometimes it is just too hard to carry around multiple makeup bags when you travel. Truth, right? So when I saw this handy three-pocket case at Sportsgirl, the design and rad pattern won me over! Granted, it still doesn't fit all of my makeup...

Game Boy iPhone 4/4S Case - A random phone case booth ($25)
I recently got an iPhone 4S - and before you ask why I didn't get an iPhone 5, I used to have a 3G, so a 4S is plenty advanced for me!! - and I needed something cute to put it in. And since I used to have a yellow game boy as a kid, I thought this one was perfect! It makes me happy every time I look at it :)

Peach Clutch-Style Wallet - Sportsgirl ($19.95)
Since my old iPhone case was a wallet and my new one is just a cover, I needed a new wallet! And when I found this one, I loved that I can fit my iPhone in there and use it as a clutch, plus that it was the same pattern as my old phone wallet! It felt like the perfect upgrade!

Have you bought anything you love lately? Maybe there's something on your to-buy list that you're saving up for? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. I have heard about ecoTools Bamboo products, it does look so pillowy and soft, I'm glad it impressed you :) I like how the 'brown eyes palette' was cheap and the colours were very versatile, how rewarding for $10! And with lovely tutorial steps, now that's a plus! Argh, what would the world be without blotting paper? Our heads would be goldmines, I kid. 65 sheets is nifty! and in cute packaging c: I haven't heard of Models Prefer products but that shimmery pink lipgloss pencil sure is cute! I'm amazed it applies as a lipstick! By now, I'm halfway at this post and realise you've scored such bargains! You go girl! I really love the pattern going on on the Sportsgirl Makeup Case, its so eclectic 80s! Aww Gameboy case! Don't you have the urge to just press the start button and play Pokemon? So nostalgic! That peach clutch is really cute! It's edgy in a very demure way! Hmmm I've been trying to find a good lip butter/balm in a candy apple colour so I've been in and out of Priceline with swatches all over my hands hah

    1. Thanks lovely! Models Prefer as I understand it, is a makeup range exclusive to Priceline, and their products are fairly good quality while still affordable which is great in my book! Haha thanks, I cannot resist a good deal :D I'm still looking for a cute pikachu sticker to put on my case haha you read my mind! x

  2. So many cool cosmetics, I would love to try them

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  3. That ecotools brush looks pretty good and that Makeup bag is so cute! I love the pattern!


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