Monday, 30 December 2013

New Years Eve Tri-Colour Eye Makeup - Pink, Blue and Green

The count down to 2014 has begun! In less than 24 hours it will be the new year and what better time to wear a pop of colour on your eyes (or should I say pops of colours!) than now?

If you're heading out to watch the fireworks or going to a New Year's Eve party (not that you need an excuse to rock colourful eyes!), this pink, blue and green eye makeup will look absolutely stunning. It's a little different as far as NYE makeup looks go (no glitter in sight) but why not go for something bright and colourful? It is the beginning of a new year after all!

Taken By Surprise Tutorial - New Years Eve Eye Makeup

1. Since we're going to be working with a lot of coloured eye shadows in this look, it's important to start the process with an eyeshadow primer. This will help the colours look lovely and vibrant, as well as keep them that way as you welcome the new year!

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in "Original"
2. First up, with a deep pink colour, apply the shadow to the inner half of your eye lid with a flat shader brush. Gently pat the colour on instead of wiping it on as it will minimise any fall out on your cheeks. You can always hold a tissue under your eye for a little extra security.

Sephora + Pantone Universe Shades of Nature Eyeshadow Palette in "17-2625"
3. With a bright blue eyeshadow (and again, a flat shader brush), apply to the outer half of your eye lid with a patting motion. Now we look like we have the Pepsi symbol on our eyes haha but not for long!

Sephora + Pantone Universe Shades of Nature Eyeshadow Palette in "15-4421" 
4. To create a seamless gradient, take a lilac colour (a good in between shade for pink and blue) and a fluffy blending brush, and apply only to the centre of your eyelid. Then use a very gentle windscreen wiper motion to blend the pink and blue together using the lilac and your fluffy brush.

Sephora + Pantone Universe Shades of Nature Eyeshadow Palette in "12-2903"
5. To add some pizazz (I just love that word), take a small amount of an electric lime green eyeshadow and a fluffy blending brush and apply to the crease. Use gentle back and forth motions (so your brush is just touching the skin) to blend in the colour. And I forgot to take a photo of this step, oopsy daisy!

Sephora + Pantone Universe Shades of Nature Eyeshadow Palette in "13-0645"
6. With a deep blue colour, apply to the outer corner of your eye lid to give the look some depth and to darken up the blue. Gently blend it in and create a soft tapered edge at the outer corner.

Sephora + Pantone Universe Shades of Nature Eyeshadow Palette in "17-4427"
7. Okay, it's New Years, I couldn't help but add a little metallic colour in there! With a true gold eyeshadow and a liner brush, line your lower lash line.

Urban Decay NAKED2 Palette in "Half Baked"
7. With a pale gold or champagne-toned shade, apply to your inner corners to brighten up the look. Plus this step helps your eyes look bigger and more awake (perfect for a long night out!).

Rimmel London 002 English Oak Glam'Eyes Eyeshadow Quad in "Shade 1" 
8. Liner time! This step is optional as it creates a pretty subtle effect, but why not you know? With a nude or white eyeliner pencil, apply it to your water line for wider awake looking eyes. Then with a black eyeliner pencil, line your tight line (the water line for your top lash line) which will make your eyelashes appear fuller.

Rimmel London Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal in "005 Nude" and "001 Black"
9. My favourite part–liquid eyeliner! Line your top lash line, keeping the line as thin, even and close to your lashes as possible. Then create a small wing at the outer corner for a subtle cat eye effect.

Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner in "Black"
10. The final touch is–of course–curling your lashes and applying mascara. So go on, what are you waiting for? Curl and coat those babies up stat! Better make it two coats, just to be safe you know?

Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara
Artiste Eyelash curler

And that's it!

Happy New Year everyone!

What makeup look do you plan on wearing for NYE or what looks have you tried in the past to welcome in the new year? Let me know in the comments below!

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Boxing Day Sales Haul 2013

If you've ever been Boxing Day shopping, then you'll know just how cray-cray it can be. For my readers who don't know what Boxing Day is, our sales on December 26th are like your Black Friday.

So, in other words, THEY'RE INTENSE.

This year was my first one working the sales (at Sportsgirl!) and there were people lining up as early as 5am for stores to open and then once they were in, it was a free-for-all. Think clothes sprawled all over the floor, people crammed into shops like sardines and a lot of boyfriends and dads not really sure what to do with themselves (poor guys).

After the craziness that was Boxing Day, I decided to skip the sales and do most of my sales shopping yesterday (the 27th) and it was amazing! All of the sales were still on, I had no problem getting a car park and there were no crowds to fight. Next year I'm definitely shopping it up on the 27th again!

Here's what I picked up...


Leonard St. for Sportsgirl Skull Crop Top - Sportsgirl ($20.96 from $60)
I thought Sportsgirl had completely sold out of this skull print from Leonard St. so I was super stoked to find that this had been hiding in the stockroom! I'm a sucker for a loose-fitted crop top like this (great for pairing with high-waisted shorts or a black maxi skirt) and I adore the sugar skull pattern. It's perfect for a flower crown making girl like me!

Tiger Head Graphic Jumper (Grey Marle) - Cotton On ($10 from $29.95)
Okay. Yes, I know that this is a massive copy of the Kenzo jumper, but I can't afford a $360+ top (although I would love to be able to!). I've had my eye on this jumper for a while (it has been sitting in my Cotton On online wish list for the past six months), so when it went down to ten bucks I really couldn't resist. Plus it's super comfy and will look rad with black skinny jeans or a pair of shorts.

Phoenix Tee - Cotton On ($19.95)
I'm not sure why this is called the "Phoenix Tee" when it has a leopard on it, but let's just go with it... I was actually helping my brother find some new threads at Cotton On and I found this in the men's section for myself! It's a bit big (it is a men's fit after all!), but I plan on knotting it over a maxi skirt. I just LOVE that print!

Jorge Swift Sheer Shirt - Universal Store ($30 from $50)
I pretty much live in sleeveless collared shirts in summer so this will be a cute addition to my collection. It's sheer but not so sheer that you need to wear another top underneath. It's funny, when I first saw it, I wasn't a big fan, but once I tried it on it just grew on me! And now I love it. Go figure.


Earthquake Clutch - Sportsgirl ($13.96 from $39.95)
Since I started working at Sportsgirl, I've kept looking and looking and looking at this clutch. There's something so cool about it, whether it's the geometric style, the colour... I barely wear pink, but I think this will give a great pop of colour to a darker outfit. Plus, not only is it massive (it could easily fit an iPad), it can also be worn over the shoulder too!

Moon Shine Feature Necklace - Sportsgirl ($13.95 from $39.95)
Like the clutch above, every shift at Sportsgirl has seen me looking at this necklace. I adore the colours, the pattern around the white stone, the shape... It's just so pretty! It reminds me of a sun, moon and shooting stars and it will look amazing paired with a black maxi dress.


NARS Bronzer in "Laguna" - Mecca Cosmetica ($55)
I know, I know, what kind of beauty blogger am I that I didn't already own this iconic product? I finally hopped on the bandwagon and treated myself to this beautiful bronzer and I cannot wait to try it. I don't wear bronzer all that much, so I wanted to get into it a little more. And my best friend absolutely spoiled me this Christmas with a Mecca gift card, so this purchase was a real treat! Thank you so much!

Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Shadow & Liner 
in "Natural Nude" - Priceline ($14.97 from $24.95)
I've always wanted to try Physician's Formula, but it's one of the pricier ranges at the drugstore so I've always just admired their products instead of picking anything up for myself. So when this beautiful palette dropped down to $14.95, I snapped it up right away. In person, this palette is tiny (it fits in the palm of your hand!), so it's perfect for touchups. It feels like a baby version of the Urban Decay NAKED2 Palette!

Revlon Powder Brush - Priceline ($9.59 from $15.99)
To go with my new Laguna bronzer, I picked up this super fluffy powder brush from Revlon. I've never tried their brushes (or heard anything about them really), so I'm hoping their brushes are just as nice as their makeup products. I will say though, how gorgeous and luxurious is the red and black design?!

Revlon Contouring Eyeshadow Brush ($4.79 from $7.99)
Gosh, this brush was such a steal at under five dollars! I feel like you can never have too many fluffy eyeshadow brushes because when you're creating a look with multiple colours, not using a new/fresh/clean brush can easily mess everything up. The shape of this brush reminds me of the brush you get free with the Urban Decay NAKED2 palette and I love that brush, so I figured having an extra wouldn't do any harm... :)

Nivea Daily Essentials Refreshing Facial Wash Gel - Priceline ($6 from $9.99)
This is kind of a boring purchase–I literally just ran out of this and was just repurchasing! I will say that after all of the various cleansers I have used since I was in middle school this is by far my favourite. It doesn't strip your skin of oils but keeps it balanced while removing any impurities. It's gentle, smells lovely and fresh and has kept my skin pretty happy since it went a little crazy in winter.

Bioderma Eye and Makeup Remover / Toner - Priceline ($18 from $29.99)
I was so happy to see this go on sale–I've been hearing nothing but rave review about Bioderma all over YouTube, so when it was finally released at Priceline a few weeks ago, I was really excited to get my hands on it. Then I discovered that a 250mL bottle costs $30. On sale, the large bottle (the one I have) became cheaper than the RRP of the small bottle, so I was pretty happy! I can't wait to try it, but since the label is all in French, can someone please let me know what the best way to use this is?

Did you pick up any great bargains at the Boxing Day sales? Let me know in the comments below!

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Hair Tutorial: Polished Ponytail

If you’re anything like me, bad hair day = ponytail. It’s the typical response to most hair dramas because it means getting your locks out of your face when they’re looking and feeling a little dirty/oily/downright troublesome.

But if a ponytail is your default style for third day onwards, pre-workout and can’t be bothered hair days, it’s time to switch your position because the humble pony can be much more than that!

If you’re after a more polished way to wear your ponytail, be it to go to work or to an event at night, this style is perfect for you and simple as to achieve.

The best part is that this style works (and looks bangin’) no matter how many days it has been since your washed your tresses! But as easy and polished as this hairstyle is, don’t neglect washing your hair for too long ladies!

Taken By Surprise Tutorial: The Polished Pony

This style best suits medium-long hair.

1. This style is super sleek, so start off by brushing your hair until it is tangle-free. If you have freshly washed hair, apply a 20 cent coin sized drop of smoothing serum and brush it through your hair until it has been evenly distributed. 

Lady Jayne Formation Brush, Purse #2475

2. Flip your head upside down and begin brushing your hair downwards. This will make sure the style looks smooth from the back and that there are no bumps of hair.

Is it just me, or do these photos look kinda odd?

3. Gather all of your hair at your crown and pull into a ponytail and get right-way up again. The ponytail should be positioned at the top of the back of your head (not right on top). Then with a fine-toothed comb, comb your hair towards your ponytail to smooth out any bumps. We want your hair to be pretty much flat.

Lady Jayne Tail Comb

4. Once all the bumps are gone, secure your ponytail with a tangle-proof hair tie. Don’t worry about what color it is because our ponytail cuff will hide it anyway. Then brush through your ponytail to make sure everything is nice and smooth.

Lady Jayne Elastic Lollipop

5. With your metal ponytail cuff, twist it onto your ponytail like you would a regular hair tie and then adjust the cuff so it sits on top of your ponytail and hides the hair tie underneath.

Lady Jayne The Metal Collection Ponytail Cuff

Bonus step: If you have a garden of baby hair at your hairline, spray your finger tips with hairspray (it will come out as a clear liquid) and smooth your baby hairs back. Spray again to make sure they don’t randomly pop up again!

L'Oreal Elnett Satin Hairspray in "Extreme Hold"

And that’s it!
This look is very classy, elegant and perfect for wearing with backless tops and dresses. Plus it also works for school, work and general social occasions because it’s a great way to dress up a boring ‘ol ponytail.

Where would you wear this hairstyle? Let me know in the comments below!

P.S: Merry Christmas for tomorrow!

Monday, 16 December 2013

Top 10 Stress-free Sales Shopping Tips (Christmas GIF-Guide)

What three words are music to a woman's (and some men's) ears?

It's. On. Sale.

With Christmas coming up, there are sales popping up left, right and centre and crowds will all be heading into stores to tick off their gift lists. And with Boxing Day sales soon after, it's going to be crazy!

Okay, maybe not AS crazy as the above video based on the Black Friday sales (love you, JustKiddingFilms!), but they can certainly get pretty busy. One Boxing Day I was at Chadstone Shopping Centre and was there from 8am to 3pm and only managed to visit three stores–it was that packed! It didn't help that the phone reception was down and my best friend and I lost two of our group and were looking for them most of the day!

If you're brave enough to venture into the sea of Christmas shoppers like a little sardine, here are some tips that will make your shopping trip a lot more successful than mine!

10 Taken By Surprise Tips - Stress Free Sales Shopping

1. Make a list.

Instead of wandering around aimlessly, make a note before you go of the places you want to visit and the things you need to get. That way you can get from store to store quickly and much more efficiently.

2. On that note, prioritise your list.

Go to the stores you really want items from first, because if you want them, so will everyone else. And you want to get it without having to fight over the last one!

3. Get there early.

If there's something you really want and you know it's going to be in high demand or there aren't many left of them, try getting to the store early (plus it's easier to get a parking space) to avoid disappointment.

4. Wear comfy shoes.

You're going to be walking around a lot so flat, comfortable shoes are a must. Even better if they're easy to take on and off so they're not a hassle when you're trying on shoes or bottoms. So no lace-up shoes or heels! Trust me, you'll struggle.

5. Don't bother with long change room lines.

Wear a fitted outfit so you can try on clothes in the actual shopping area of the store over your clothes and use the mirrors on the walls to see how they look. Trust me, the fitting room lines will be super long and you could be waiting for up to an hour (ugh).

6. Look at the change room racks.

The stores will likely be really busy, so it can take longer for items returned in the change rooms to go back onto the shop floor. If you're devo that can't find your size, it might be hiding among the returned items in the change room. Score!

7. Bring a friend.

If you're going with friends, go in pairs because while one of you is changing, the other can help get sizes and give opinions. Even though during sale time there is usually more staff working, they'll likely be pretty busy too. Plus it's always nice to have someone to shop with anyway!

8. Pick a meeting place.

The phone reception can often cut out thanks to the hordes of people using mobile phones during big sales, so decide on somewhere to meet up if you get separated from your friends or family.

9. Don't bring a bag, or only bring a small one.

A lot of stores won't let you bring in a big bag, so take a smaller cross body one so your hands are free. Besides, once you've bought something, you can put the rest of your shopping into that one shopping bag instead of carrying around a few.

10. Take a snack.

The lines for food will likely be really long, so bring something light like a muesli bar in case you can't be bothered waiting in the queue.

Destiny USA contacted me to find out my tips for sale shopping, hence why I shared them in this post. They also have a great survival guide for Black Friday (but the advice is still helpful for us Aussies!) and you can read it here.

Now all that's left is to enjoy your bargains!

What are your tips for shopping during sale time? Do you prefer to shop online? Let me know in the comments below!
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