Saturday, 29 September 2012

REVIEW: Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder

Hi everyone!

Today I have a quick little review post for you all! I am one of those lucky people that has oily skin  (Whoo. Not.) and that means that I am pretty much best friends with anything that helps to mattify my makeup.

And with summer coming up, that warm weather and sunshine is going to have a lot of fun wrecking havoc on my T-Zone and making me lovely and reflective like a high-visability vest.

Not desirable.

Buuuuuuuut, out of many tried and tested products, I have finally found a lovely little pressed powder that keeps shine at bay and makeup lasting all day!

And this is it:

Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder - Silky Beige

One of my favourite beauty gurus Bethany Mota (a.k.a. macbarbie07) uses the Rimmel Stay Matte to set her foundation and concealer in almost every makeup tutorial she makes, and her skin is gorgeous, so I thought I'd get my hands on one myself with fingers crossed that it'd work as well for me.

And it does! It successfully:
  • Sets makeup and keeps it in place
  • Stops shine for over five hours
  • Mattifies makeup (but doesn't leave the face powdery or white)
  • Evens out skin tone and helps minimises pores
On the skin it just feels like a mix between a mineral powder and a light pressed powder foundation, which is perfect because I don't like to wear a lot of makeup during summer, so this will definitely help just mattify my skin without overloading on the makeup.

Before: Here I'm wearing tinted moisturiser and concealer (and eye makeup).
After: Already my skin tone is evened out and looks so smooth!
It also comes in three shades - Transparent, Sandstorm and Silky Beige (which is the one I use) so you can find a shade that best suits your skin tone, although I would recommend using a wide bristled kabuki brush when applying and only dust on a small amount - the shades available are all very light in colour and could wash you out if you're a tad heavy-handed and have darker skin! Less is more ladies :)

Until next time!

Do you have any recommendations for pressed powders? Or maybe you've tried this powder before? Let me know in the comments below!

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Collective Shopping Haul - Maybelline, Australis, Lovisa and more!

Hi everyone!

Wow it's been a little while since I last did a haul post! As the Spring time has been settling in, I've bought a range of things over the last few weeks, so I thought it was time to do a collective haul and share where all my money's disappearing to haha

Seventeen's Ultimate Guide To Beauty - $27.99 (Dymocks)
I can't really buy magazines like Seventeen here in Australia, so whenever I see something that I know will be hard to get, I usually snap it up pretty quickly! This is a great book which I've just started reading, it has some great beauty tips and is very likely to soon become my beauty bible along with Zoe Foster's "About Face"! It even features tutorials by two of my favourite beauty gurus Michelle Phan (MichellePhan) and Bethany Mota (macbarbie07)!

On The Road by Jack Kerouac - $6
Every Wednesday at my university, there's a second-hand book stall held by this darling old man, and this is the second book I've bought from him (the first was "Never Let Me Go" by  Kazuo Ishiguro). I've been wanting to read this since the film is coming out later this month, and I always like to read the book before going to see the film adaptations.

Tangle Teezer - $29.95 (Bailey's - my hairdresser)
Before your jaw drops because I bought such an expensive hair brush, let me explain why!! This jellybean shaped brush of loveliness is the best detangling brush I have ever used! I have really thick hair, so I'm forever getting knots in it, and it always hurts to brush them out, so this crazy coloured thing is a lifesaver. Plus it makes my hair so SO soft when I use it!

Artiste by Manicare Stippling Brush no. 17 - $17.95
Models Prefer Smudge Brush no. MPP123 - $12.99
(both from Priceline)
I tend to use my fingers to apply my foundation (I can hear you shuddering!) because it's quicker and I find the warmth of my fingers helps blend the product, but I really wanted a brush because I've heard that they give you that more "flawless" look. I already have a flat foundation brush, so I thought I'd try a stippling one, and I love it! It really does help your makeup go on evenly, and you get that airbrushed look really fast. As for the smudge brush, I just thought it would make my life easier when blending my eye shadow haha (and it does!).

Duuet Nail Decals in "Portsea" - $10.95 (
As you know from this post, I adore stick on nail applications because they just make it so easy to wear a super cute pattern in a fraction of the time! I was recommended to Duuet by a friend, and fell in love with this cute teal coloured wave/kimono design. I have my university ball next week and am planning on dressing up my digits with these babies <3

Australis Colour Corrector Green Concealer - $10.95 (Priceline)
I have wanted to try a green concealer for a while and thought this product was a well-priced one to start with. It makes sense - green is the opposite on the colour wheel to red, so you'd think it'd help make your red areas less obvious, right? Then you just apply your normal concealer over the top. While this does an okay job, it's a bit too wet for my liking and has a bit of shimmer in it (which makes me think flash photography would just highlight the areas I'm covering up...), but it still helps reduce redness, and you only need a tiiiiiiiiiiiiny bit :)

Maybelline Baby Lips in "Pink Glow" - $3.95 (Coles)
I LOVE the Baby Lips range, and I have every single one (except the eucalyptus which sounds yucky haha). Normally with lip balms, you end up losing them, or just buying another one, but I have finished three of the Baby Lips already! This is a new flavour that's just come out, and it has a nice strawberry/berry scent, which is so yummy! Plus - this is the best bit - while it goes on sheer and clear, after a few applications, your lips start to look pinker! It's like a build on lip-stain, and I love it!

Maybelline Color Tattoo by EyeStudio in "Tough as Taupe" - $11.95 (Coles)
I bought this at a supermarket because it had a special introductory price of $8.95, so I thought I'd give it a go since I've been hearing a lot about it on YouTube. And it doesn't disappoint! It's a creme eyeshadow with super staying power (that sounds like Super Saiyan haha) and the taupe shade I bought is a nice neutral matte colour that goes well as the base for a smoky eye.

Rose Gold Fern Collar Necklace - $22.99 (Lovisa)
I'm wearing a high and straight necklined dress to my uni ball and wanted something pretty to dress my decolletage up, and I thought this rose gold necklace was so unusual and pretty! I love the rope tie-up and the fern-like collar, so I thought it'd make a fine addition to my little black dress and the Duuet nail applications from earlier in the post!

What have you bought lately, or maybe you have a wishlist or have your eye on something and are saving up? Let me know in the comments below!

Sunday, 9 September 2012

How to clean your makeup brushes

How many of you don't wash your makeup brushes? If you're half-heartedly raising your hand, this post will teach you how to keep them clean, fresh and in good condition!

Not washing your makeup brushes regularly is just a recipe for breakouts and clogged pores so I make sure to wash my brushes once a week to get rid of any buildup of makeup (and bacteria... yuck!).

I actually learned how to wash my brushes from one of Michelle Phan's videos (which you can watch here) and have been using her techniques ever since! And since they work so well for me, I thought I'd share her method here and spread the clean makeup brush love!

Taken By Surprise Tutorial: How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

1. Add 4 parts antibacterial dishwashing liquid to 1 part extra virgin olive oil on a plate with a lip (just in case it spills). The dishwashing liquid will kill any germs and draw the makeup off the brushes, while the olive oil will condition the hairs and keep them soft. Make sure not to use too much olive oil, or your brushes will feel stiff once they've dried.

2. One by one, swirl your makeup brushes in the mixture until the entire brush end is coated.

Check out what's already coming off!! 
3. Wipe each brush in the palm of your hand, which will help remove the makeup. Then lay the brush on some paper towel while you do the rest.

After doing all my brushes - that stuff on the plate could have gone on my face!
4. Rinse under warm water (not too hot, lukewarm is best to keep your brushes' hair in good condition) wiping the brush ends on the palm of your hand until the water runs clear. Lightly towel dry so they're not dripping.

5. Dry your brushes upside down (so the water will drip out and not settle in the base of the hairs - which can ruin the shape of your brushes and cause hairs to fall out). In Michelle's video, she uses brush guards to help keep her brushes upside down, but since I don't have those, I use masking tape to attach my brushes to the bathroom bench while they dry.

6. Wait overnight for your brushes to dry and they'll be ready for when you apply your makeup in the morning!

As for storing your good-as-new brushes, I like to keep them in a case instead of just throwing them in my makeup bag, so they're easy to find and kept away from potential makeup spills.

I bought this handy Artiste by Manicare brush holder from Priceline for $14.95 which rolls up just like holders for paintbrushes. It's compact and even has a flap that protects the brush ends, so it keeps them clean from dust when I'm not using them #genius

What's your most used makeup brush? Do you wash your brushes regularly? Let me know in the comments below!
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