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How to Take Care of Ash Brown Hair & My Haircare Maintenance Tips

My hairdresser didn't believe me when I said I hadn't had my hair recoloured since my last appointment.

And that appointment was EIGHT MONTHS AGO. #Iknow #girlgotbusy

When I saw her reaction to my hair (which went something along the lines of, you can't POSSIBLY have kept the colour this well, SURELY you cheated on me with another stylist?! #kidding), I was inspired to put together this post on my haircare routine and maintenance tips, because I must be doing something right!

Since dying my hair ash brown - from dark brown, almost black, Asian hair - I've done my best to keep my locks as healthy as possible to maintain the colour. Changing your hair colour is DAMN expensive, after all!

Curious to see how I take care of my hair? Read on!

Here's the arsenal of products that I use to keep my tresses in check, and while it looks like an extensive line up, I only bring out the three products in squeezy tubes every second wash or so to give my hair a little TLC.

Best part? Every product in my haircare routine (except the Kerastase), can be bought at the supermarket! Budget beauty for the win!

My Ash Brown Haircare Routine & Maintenance Tips

TRESemme Perfectly [Un]Done Shampoo

I've been using this bad boy for a few years now and no shampoo comes close to it. It really cleans my hair of any oil or product buildup, and gives my hair so much body and volume. My natural hair texture is pretty straight and kink-free, and it used to be super flat and bleh before I found this shampoo.

Even better, the entire TRESemme Perfectly [Un]Done range is regularly half price at the supermarket which is the bomb dot com, because I just stock up and fill my bathroom with it. You just cannot go wrong with a big bottle of this stuff (I'm talking 750mL) for $5 on special. A+ 

Provoke Touch of Silver Brightening Shampoo

Blonde, ash and silver-haired gals, GET THIS SHAMPOO IN YOUR SHOWER CADDY. This violet shampoo is so effective that as soon as my hair starts looking a little brassy, a dose of this potent purple shampoo tones it in one wash. After rinsing out my TRESemme shampoo, I then pop the Touch of Silver on and work it into my hair, and leave it on for a few minutes while I'm in the shower. This is my fifth bottle because this potion from heaven works magic. 

My Ash Brown Haircare Routine & Maintenance Tips

Pantene Pro-V 3 Minute Miracle Daily Moisture Renewal Conditioner*

If you've got colour-treated hair, this conditioner does an amazing job of softening those dry ends, making your hair super lovely and smooth. I only use a small amount on the ends and lengths every second wash or so, and my hair always looks so silky afterwards! I've done a full review dedicated to this conditioner already, which you can read here if you'd like.

My Ash Brown Haircare Routine & Maintenance Tips

L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil Oil-in-Cream*

If you have dry hair that tends to get fried under heat styling tools, this oil-and-cream is a lightweight, leave in hydrating treatment for your hair. In other words, it's hair moisturiser that smoothes out crunchy hair and leaves it feeling soft and fluffy.

Because it's an oil-based cream, it's actually light enough for me to use with my straight hair, as it doesn't make my hair look oily or feel heavy! I just apply a grape-sized dollop to my wet hair and run it through the mid-lengths and ends, before blow drying. 

Kerastase Ciment Thermique

This stuff is actually really similar to the L'Oreal one above, but this is more of an every wash product, whereas I only use the oil-in-cream when my hair needs a little boost of hydration. The Kerastase Ciment Thermique is a light cream that I apply to my hair after washing, while it's still wet, and I brush it through to evenly distribute it through my hair.

This is a really fab heat protectant too, so I always make sure to use it if I know I'm going to be straightening or curling my hair, so my colour doesn't fade. Blonde and ashy hair colours tend to go brassy when you use hot tools too often, so you gotta protect those tresses!

My Ash Brown Haircare Routine & Maintenance Tips

Lady Jayne Smooth & Knotless Detangling Brush

For someone with long, straight hair, my hair often gets pretty tangled, and there's quite a lot of it to negotiate into an up-do. This brush's bristles are thin and dense, so it's really good at smoothing out my hair for a polished ponytail and removing any bumps and kinks.

And I know we're not meant to brush our hair when it's wet, but this one does it really gently, okaaaaay.

My Ash Brown Haircare Routine & Maintenance Tips

Maintenance Tips for Bleached, Ashy Hair

So as you read at the beginning of this post, my hairdresser was pretty impressed with how well I had maintained my hair colour. And what bigger hair compliment, RIGHTTTTT?!

Here are a couple of tips that I reckon have made a big difference to my hair, and they ARE:

1. Go heatless if you can.

I get it, sometimes your hair just needs the body and beauty that only a curling wand can give it, but if you can let your hair air dry, or wear it natural most days (or at the very least, use a heat protectant spray or cream EVERY time), it will make a huge difference to how long your colour lasts. That was a long sentence.

2. Wash it less.

Like, don't leave it so long that you could squeeze your hair and have enough oil to fry an egg (bad visual. Sorry.), but I only wash my hair every three days. It sounds yuck, but by day three, there's nothing a ponytail or messy bun can't hide. And that's why they invented dry shampoo, you know? Washing your hair too often can strip it of its natural oils that protect the hairs, so go easy.

3. Get a coloured shampoo and use it like a treatment.

My purple shampoo (the one above) really upped my haircare game, because it maintains the colour and tones my hair. I don't rinse it out straight away either - leaving it in for a few minutes before rinsing it makes a huge difference to its effectiveness. Give a shot, thank me later.

My Ash Brown Haircare Routine & Maintenance Tips

And that's how I take care of my hair! I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below, as I'd be more than happy to answer them! Or visit me over on Instagram at @hijessicaanne and leave me a comment there.

My Ash Brown Haircare Routine & Maintenance Tips

What are some of your holy grail haircare products? Let me know below!

*Products gifted for editorial consideration.


  1. I am going to try this Touch of Silver shampoo next! I've been using the Fudge violet toning shampoo but want to try the Touch of Silver when that runs out. That L'Oreal oil in cream looks amazing as well, I'll definitely pick that up when I'm at the supermarket next! x

    1. It is SO good, you'll notice a difference in your hair straight after using it! I hope you find success with them :) xx

  2. These are all such great tips. I don't colour my hair but skipping the heat tools and washing less just makes my hair healthier in general. Btw, I love your balayage!

    OMG the Pink Opal/Pink Homecoming one looks incredible! You have me feeling so tempted.

    Emma | Rosy Disposition

    1. Sorry ignore that middle line. I copy and pasted my signature and caught the last line of another comment hahah

    2. Hahaha no worries at all lovely, thank you for stopping by and for your kind words! Here's to healthy hair, right! :) xx

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  4. This is so helpful! I have the same natural Asian hair as you do and am just about to dye my hair into ashy blonde!

  5. If i have ashy blue-green coloured hair, can i still use the touch of silver shampoo?

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  11. Thank you so much for this blog post! I just bought the Provoke shampoo and the L’oreal Oil in cream today based on your recommendation. Hopefully I can maintain my ashy-brown hair :D


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