I pretty much made this DIY video because I couldn’t afford to buy a real pair of floral Gucci sneakers 😅 I’ve been wearing sneakers a lot lately and have wanted to get a pair of pink Adidas Superstars (achievable, but impossible to find) or Gucci sneakers (simply, NOT POSSIBLE) for a while, so I decided to just combine the two and make my own!

WHAT TO WEAR: 3 Office Appropriate Outfits
Because we all know sleep > standing in front of your wardrobe, so here is my quick guide on how to put together an outfit for the most common workplace situations. #moresleep

OOTD: How to wear neutrals
I used to say to myself that when I started working full time, that I wouldn't let my wardrobe turn into 50 shades of grey toned clothing. Because boring, right? NOPE. Not. Boring. At. All. Read on and see why!

OOTD: How to clash prints ft. Tokito, Cotton On & Sportsgirl
What can I say, I have a passion for clashin'. My best tip? Stick with a neutral toned colour palette. See how I style this look at the link!

OOTD: The Oversized Cardigan
If it feels like a blanket, chances are I want it on my body. So with winter having well and truly arrived, I'm all about the oversized cardigan. They're cosy, snuggly, and it's basically like wrapping yourself in a woollen hug all day. What's not to love?

Spring Outfit Of The Day - The Laughing Apple Dress
This outfit is perfect for spring days when it's not quite hot, and not quite cold! Think of this look as the Goldilocks of OOTDs!

I was lucky enough to be invited to the Cotton On Group's Christmas Preview to see all of the new collections from Cotton On Women, Cotton On Body, Rubi Shoes, Typo, and more coming into store. Want a sneak peek of the new styles? I know you do!

Who else loves a pop of colour in a monochromatic outfit? I'm currently loving these super cute red flats from Belle and Beans to jazz up a black and white look, so check the link to see how I styled these!

Modcloth invited me to take part in their weekly style challenge to put together an outfit based around a certain piece (below!) chosen by Modcloth. See my outfit at the link!

You know those on-trend pieces that just baffle you? The ones where you can't for the life of you figure out how to work into your wardrobe? This post might give you some inspiration!

A little stumped on what to wear while the weather transitions from warmer to cooler? Here's my look book for autumn, featuring seven different looks for seven different occasions.

Now that autumn is here, the weather is cooler and so is the fashion! I'm loving the new collection from Australian label Elliatt so this post is all on my favourite looks from the range and where to wear them. Plus, find out if you won my CrownedByFlowers giveaway!

If going thrift shopping sounds more like mothball central than nanna-chic, it's time to pop some tax (sorry I couldn't resist)! Here I style five vintage pieces from the Unique Vintage sale to make them wearable for today.

The team behind The Sonder Project are exploring the connections between people living in Melbourne and decided to start their chain reaction with me! Check out the interview we did together about my Etsy shop and fashion style.

Check out the interview I did with Initial Thoughts about my Etsy shop CrownedByFlowers, plus their abstract video inspired by my flower crowns!
A bunch of my friends and I tried our hand at a market stall selling our secondhand clothes and CrownedByFlowers flower crowns. Check out the photos!

How To Pack Light - Four Outfits in ONE Duffle Bag
I always seem to overpack when I take a trip, so when I went away over the weekend, I made myself stick to one duffle bag! Check out the post for my tips on how to make a few clothing pieces transform into a bunch of unique outfits.

I've interned with university and college street style website CollegeFashionista for a whole five months now and seen plenty of amazing student fashion! Check this post for all of the shots I took of these stylish Fashionistas and Fashionistos!

My CrownedByFlowers flower crowns were showcased in the show and it was absolutely amazing! In this post, you can see all of the backstage and catwalk shots, so take a look.

BEHIND THE SCENES: My flower crowns are in a photoshoot!
Some of my CrownedByFlowers crowns are being featured in Melbourne University's Australasian Association Fashion Show! Here are some behind the scenes photos from the promotional photo shoot plus some sneak peeks of the pictures!

My first OOTD video! All about a cheeky garden fairy looking lovely in a gown and flower crown.

An OOTD themed around a runaway royal - featuring a beautiful gown from MsDressy & DresseStylist.

I've just opened an Etsy shop where you can by my handmade flower crowns.

Get out that old maxi and turn it into four different outfits with my tutorials.

Wearing flowers in your hair definitely isn't just for kids! Tap into your inner flower child with this easy DIY.

I've been a busy bee of late, gearing up for my summer internship as a Style Guru with CollegeFashionista, an international street style site dedicated to fashionable college students.

I love Tay-Tay's style, so I was stoked to receive her dress! See the snaps above!

 If you're still hunting around for a few gift ideas, down below I've listed some of the things that would  be perfect for your mum, sister, friend, girlfriend, cousin - or any lady in your life!

I finally took the plunge and ombre-fied my hair! Plus see what I wore on a day trip to the mountains.

Lady Petrova's Sweetness Tea Party 2012
See the gorgeous new dresses from the latest Caitlin Shearer, Stretsis and Matina Amanita at the Lady Petrova Boutique.

See the photos from Whitney's gorgeous new clothing line launch party and discover her top fashion tips!

One of my favourite Australian fashion chains held an in-store mini-event where I was snapped in a few pieces from the upcoming Spring Collection.

My search for the perfect winter coat is over!

My pick of the rack when it comes to winter coats.

My necklace collection full of things quirky and fun.

A look at the Melbourne-based online jewellery store, Run Wild Horses.

You'll need more than two hands to wear my collection of unusual but lovely rings.

See what happened at easily the prettiest event at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week 2011.


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