Saturday, 9 June 2018

Visiting Persona 5 Locations In REAL LIFE! // Solo Travel Japan

My all-time favourite game is Persona 5, where you play as a high-schooler in Tokyo who has to save the world while staying a model student (that description sooooo doesn't do it justice!).

But the coolest part is that it's ACTUALLY set in REAL LIFE Tokyo, so the locations in the game actually exist! So I thought I'd dedicate a day of my trip to visit some of the real life locations of Persona 5, and OH. MY. GOSH. These places are truly spot on!

Hope you guys enjoy the vlog, and if you've played P5 before, let me know in the comments who your fave character is! Mine is Joker - obviously ♥️

Watch the video below:

This video was also inspired by RyiSnow's video, comparing real life Shibuya to Persona 5's version of Shibuya! Check it out here.

💕💕 ALSO to everyone who came from Sammie's video - hello! I'm so excited to meet you and I hope you enjoy the videos that I have in store 💕💕

*I am not affiliated with or own any part of Persona 5 or Atlus; I just LOVE the game and wanted to share that with you! But definitely play the game if you get a chance, it is RAD.



  1. Oh wow, this was so interesting to watch! You did an amazing job with the video...and your glasses are super awesome.

  2. I am currently in Japan in Tokyo at the moment anf i am a massive persona fan

    1. Enjoy seeing all the sights from the game!


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