Sunday, 11 September 2011

the lady petrova prom

The magical night where girls get dressy and the boys get messy.

As part of the Melbourne Spring Fashion WeekCity Series’, the lovely Lady Petrova’s gorgeous prom night was full of whimsical characters and beautiful dresses, and the lads and ladies alike rocked it to some fist-pumping gold’n’oldie tunes.

Greeted with a stunning corsage at the door and a compliment from miss Lady Petrova herself, I was positively swooning!

Take a look at what went down…

Thank you Petrova for a delightful night!

Go have a peek at her gorgeous summer collection which was released on the night; I’m pining for the oh-so-pretty Lunatic headbands!

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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

pout about it!

Every girl needs a go-to lippy.

And I have found three!!!

Daring, flirty, and fun, and I have found the perfect pout(s!) for my smackers!

Sportsgirl has just released a new range of POUT ABOUT IT! lip colours, all matte, and all super-long lasting - I tested the colours on the back of my hand before I took some of these babies home, and that swipe is still as bright as it was a few hours ago!

And at only $9.95 - what a dream!

If red is a tad too bold for your pucker palette, there's also coral, nude, fuchsia, watermelon and pink, all with adorable names like fruit tingle (cuuuuuuute!) that you only need to look at and think, "You'd look good on me."

If you take a looksee at my babe’n selfies (…not fooling anyone), I’ve got on the bombshell, fruit tingle, and juicy watermelon <3

fruit tingle
juicy watermelon
coral - fruit tingle
fuchsia - fuchsia splash
nude - all about you 
pink - beauty queen
red - bombshell
watermelon - juicy watermelon

Images of lipsticks courtesy of

Sunday, 4 September 2011


Ooooooh little miss me got featured on a blog! 
That sure got the warm and fuzzies happening <3

Go visit her blog, it's full of cute musings and nice things to look at.

somethingtolove: Feature Friday ! (:

Love the message, love the picture!  This picture is so simple and it got me thinking... what would I die for?  Check out her Deviantart ( or her blog (which is very pretty!) (
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