Sunday, 2 July 2017

JAPAN VLOG 7 // First Time at LUSH SPA & Visiting a Japanese Supermarket!


So we don’t have Lush Spas in Australia, but they are definitely a must visit if you go to Tokyo and are a Lush fan! In today’s Japan vlog, we went to the one in Daikanyama to treat ourselves to the Tailor Made package, which includes a 30 minute deep tissue massage and a special rum (YES, rum lol) infused tea and cookie afterwards. #bliss

Jess and I then visited a Japanese supermarket and while there were a few differences between Japan and Australia… once you’ve been to one supermarket, you’ve been to them all (except their ready meals are ON POINT).

We then headed back to Shibuya to do some shopping at Its’ Demo (where I bought POKEMON MAKEUP - whatttt) and Bershka, and take Purikura photobooth stickers!


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