Monday, 23 January 2017

My Experience With Eyelash Extensions (including Before & After Photos)

Let's just say that once you've tried eyelash extensions, it's reeeeeeeeeeally hard to go back to just mascara.

I've had my lashes done maybe five or six times, and always get asked about them, so I thought I'd put together a blog post on my experience with eyelash extensions! 

Curious about getting them yourself? Read on for a rundown on lash extensions, as well as before and after photos, and how I maintain them!

The Appointment

Depending on the type of lashes, the appointment can take anywhere between half an hour to 3 hours. I usually get the 'Natural Set' (which can vary from place to place), but as the name suggests, these look... natural! There are more dramatic sets that look more like false lashes, though I prefer this kind for everyday wear. A set like mine generally takes around forty minutes to an hour.

In terms of picking the right place, reviews will be your best friend. Price doesn't always equal good quality - some salons can charge up to $150+, but my local does an AMAZING job for $90, and I'm super lucky that I get 20% off that because I'm close by and get a local's discount. Just make sure you do your research, because there are definitely places that use staff that aren't properly trained, and your eyes are delicate and need to be treated with care!!

For the appointment, you essentially come with no makeup on (or at the very least, no eye makeup on) and the beautician applies a pad underneath each eye, to use as a little lash canvas. You lie back on a massage table, close your eyes and let the magic happen. Sometimes the glue they use on your lashes can get a little fume-y, but usually not enough to actually irritate your eyes. Most of the time, I actually fall asleep during my appointments because they're so relaxing!

Before & After Photos

Aaand here come the crazy close up eye photos!

Natural lashes

Oh wow, it really looks like I have no top lashes in the first photo! My lashes are actually fairly long, however they're really straight and point downwards, which is literally the opposite of where I want them to go. 

After using an eyelash curler & mascara

This is a bit better, but because my lashes are so straight, using an eyelash curler doesn't actually 'curl' them, just kind of creates a kink in them so they stick up. Once I've applied mascara, you can really see how little lashes I actually have - while this is definitely better than bare lashes, it's not a huge improvement.

With a Natural set of eyelash extensions

And pow! Enter fluffy, long, perky lashes! I have not met a mascara that can do this to my lashes, so I have a feeling I'm going to continue to get my lashes done for a while to come. They actually look like my real lashes and not like a I have a false strip lash on, so I love how natural they look!

Maintenance & Looking After Your Lashes

My lashes normally last for around four weeks before the fallout looks noticeable, and no they don't make your own lashes fall out! Like all hair on our bodies, eventually your lashes drop to make room for new ones to grow, and once the lashes with extensions on them drop off, it just looks like you're losing your lashes because the gaps between the extensions and your normal lashes looks more obvious. But don't worry, it's normal!

To keep your lashes looking good as long as possible, the first three days after getting your extensions  are crucial. For the first 24 hours, try not get your lashes wet as it can mess with the glue. Then for the first three days, try not to wear eye makeup - those two tips have kept my lashes looking and lasting great! When it comes to wearing makeup, you just have to be a little careful when removing it and avoid using oil-based cleansers as anything oil-based can break down the glue and dislodge your extensions.

If you have any questions about my experience with lash extensions, leave them down in the comments, I'd be happy to answer them!



  1. I have only had them once for my Wedding and they were more like false lashes than natural like yours!! I really love the look of the natural lashes! I may have to look into getting them again!!

    Mel xx || Loads of Lifestyle

    1. Thank you so much! Sometimes less is more to make a difference, let me know how you go if you try them again! :) xx

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