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REVIEW: Lancome Cooling Cushion Blush Subtil

Just when we'd wrapped our heads around cushion foundations, Lancome does a one up on us and released a cushion compact blush!

The Cushion Blush Subtil is essentially a liquid blush-filled sponge inside a compact, which you apply to your cheeks using a little makeup pad. If you've ever hard trouble blending your blush, these pad-based blushes are about to make your morning makeup routine a whole lot easier. 

REVIEW: Lancome Cooling Cushion Blush Subtil

Like their foundation counterparts, cushion blushes are really popular in Asia, as they really help create that dewy, healthy and glowing look. Intrigued? See my swatches and a product demonstration after the jump below!

REVIEW: Lancome Cooling Cushion Blush Subtil
Thank you to the team at Lancome for gifting me this blush to try! This is not a sponsored post and all thoughts and words expressed here are honest and my own.


It's no surprise that the packaging for Lancome's Cooling Cushion Blush Subtil is nothing short of gorgeous. Housed inside one of their signature mirrored metallic boxes, the blush itself sits within a chic black compact. It just ooooooozes sophistication (and makes me feel like a total grown up).

REVIEW: Lancome Cooling Cushion Blush Subtil

Once you pop open the lid and open the airtight cover, you'll see the a dense sponge soaked with liquid blush. And there is SO much product in that sponge and the product itself is super pigmented (more on that later!), so you don't need much to get your blush fix. 

The air tight cover (the lid on the left side of the image below) keeps the sponge from drying out too, so you need to make sure this is properly closed every time you're finished using it. You also get a decent sized mirror on the underside of the lid.

REVIEW: Lancome Cooling Cushion Blush Subtil

To apply the blush, you're also given a little makeup pad with a ribbon to slot your fingers into (like a finger puppet!), which can be found between the compact's lid and the airtight cover. This makes it super easy to travel with and make touch ups on the go (though I don't imagine most people feel the need to touch up their blush? Don't mind the inclusion though!). 

REVIEW: Lancome Cooling Cushion Blush Subtil


I have the Lancome Cooling Cushion Blush Subtil in the shade 022 Rosa Givree, which is an almost coral, warm-toned pink. It's a great every day colour that really livens up the complexion in winter, and looks gorgeous on tanned skin in the summer.

REVIEW: Lancome Cooling Cushion Blush Subtil

When swiped with my finger tip (the swatch on the left below), the colour is PRETTY STRONG. And when it comes to blush, too much really can be too much. The pigment is definitely there and colour is pretty dang bright - but when applied how it's meant to be (tapped on and blended with the pad, which is the swatch on the right), you do get a gorgeous, natural flush to the skin. 

REVIEW: Lancome Cooling Cushion Blush Subtil

Product Demonstration

Let's see it in action! First up, I dabbed the makeup pad directly onto the blush sponge, to pick up some colour. You won't need much. I repeat, you won't need much! Then it's time to tap-tap-tap!

That's basically all you need to do to apply the product. You just gently tap or press the pad onto your cheeks repeatedly to blend in the colour! If you've ever used a Beautyblender sponge or equivalent, the motion is almost the same.

REVIEW: Lancome Cooling Cushion Blush Subtil

You can see below where I've applied it to just one cheek - instantly my skin looks brighter and has this lovely pink glow to it. Admittedly, I did use a little too much here, but it's so easy to blend that it's easy to fix if you are a little heavy handed. 

The colour is also really gradual and gives a gorgeous tint to the skin. The end effect is so much more natural and believable than powder blushes too - I always find them such a struggle to blend in, but this cushion one went on like a dream.

REVIEW: Lancome Cooling Cushion Blush Subtil

I also have on my usual everyday makeup look (minus setting powder), and I'd bet the Lancome Cooling Cushion Blush Subtil would look even nicer if I had minimal makeup on. Dewy face products tend to go well when worn together, so this is definitely a blush that I would bring out in the summer time when I tend to wear less base makeup, and focus more on pops of colour.

You can see below a comparison photo with a before and after - the cushion blush really did add a beautiful wash of colour to my cheeks! It's very healthy and very natural, and if you don't wear blush often, this one is a great one to start introducing a subtle bit of colour into your makeup look.

REVIEW: Lancome Cooling Cushion Blush Subtil

You can grab these compacts of colour for $60 from Mecca, and while they're a little pricey, if you're after a blush for summer that won't go patchy or look cakey (like powders often do in the heat!), the Lancome Cooling Cushion Blush Subtil is a great choice. 

REVIEW: Lancome Cooling Cushion Blush Subtil

What's your favourite blush? Let me know in the comments below!



  1. What a unique concept! And the shade looks really beautiful on you :)

    1. Thank you Shannon! Usually liquid blushes are pretty hard to use (for me at least!), but this makes it so easy x


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