Monday, 24 August 2015

TUTORIAL: A Polished Makeup Look You Can Do in 15 Minutes

Real talk.

As much as I love makeup, I love sleeping more. A few extra minutes under the covers will usually beat getting up to wash my hair (which is why I have quite the beanie collection!), but sometimes that second, third and fourth push of the snooze button means I end up with barely enough time to eat breakfast!

As a result, I've got a super quick, natural, yet polished and put together makeup look down pat, which I can whip out when the clock is ticking and still get to wherever I need to be looking ** SuPeR cUtE**.

Want to know my speedy makeup-ing ways? Read on!

1. First up, let's pop a base on that face. Primer, liquid foundation and concealer (in that order) is my standard trio and I just apply each one using my fingertips to blend them in. Creamy formulas are the best for super quick blending, so I'm always reaching for these when I need a quick fix I can rely on.
Time taken: Approx 4mins

2. To set everything and make sure your makeup stays put all day, apply a light dusting of powder. I use a kabuki brush to gently pat the powder onto my face, focusing on any areas I'm prone to shininess (ah, how I love combination skin...). A kabuki brush has a wider brush head, so it covers a lot of ground (or skin in this case!) very quickly.
Time taken: Approx 1min

3. No matter how much time I have (or don't have!) to do my makeup, I will always make sure to do my brows. If there's one feature that makes you look polished with minimal effort, it's grooming those eyebrows! I use a brow pomade and a dual-ended angled liner and spoolie brush to fill them in and shape them. See my full brow tutorial here.
Time taken: 3mins

I used: Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Pomade and NP Set Eye Defining Brush

4. Now you might think that skipping eyeshadow is one of the easiest ways to cut out time from your makeup routine, but you can easily get a gorgeous eye makeup look with just a few minutes to spare. All you need to do is follow this formula - first, apply a neutral shimmery shade all over the lid.

I used: Urban Decay Naked Palette in the shade "Sidecar"

5. Next, with a matte light brown shade, use a fluffy blending brush to buff the colour into your crease with windscreen wiper motions. This creates a slight contour.

I used: Urban Decay Naked Palette in the shade "Buck"

6. Now that the shape is defined, add a lighter milk coffee kind of shade directly on top of the first colour you applied, which will add some extra dimension to the eyes (and sparkle!).

I used: Urban Decay Naked Palette in the shade "Sin"

7. For a little extra oomph, add a darker gold to your lower lash line, focusing the colour at the outer half of your lashes. 

I used: Urban Decay Naked Palette in the shade "Smog"

8. Last step for the eyeshadow! If you were up late last night (so that's why you're reading this! Hehe), add a pale shimmery colour to your inner corners, which will make your eyes appear wider and more awake. Sleepiness, take that! 
Time taken: All together for eyeshadow, approx 3mins

I used: Urban Decay Naked Palette in the shade "Virgin"

9. If winged eyeliner isn't your friend (that's okay, she takes a little to get used to!), you can totally line your eyes with a black pencil liner if you prefer. For this step, all you need to do is create a thin line - staying as close to your lashes as possible - and flick it out at the ends slightly. 
Time taken: Approx 1min

10. Finish off those peepers by curling your lashes and applying mascara. 
Time taken: Approx 1min

11. This step is completely optional, but if you think a little contouring takes up too much time in the morning, this quick little tip will surprise you. Plus it'll make you look super awake! Apply a matte pale pink contour powder beneath your brow bone (just under your eyebrows) and then a matte banana yellow shade under your eyes. This will simultaneously make your brows look super defined, and the yellow powder will completely disguise any under eye darkness. Win win!
Time taken: Approx 1min

I used: Australis AC On Tour Kit

12. As for lips, the choice is totally up to you! I find a brighter colour can really tie together a makeup look and make everything look so much more polished than if I wear a more nude shade. 
Time taken: Approx 1min

I used: MAC Lipstick in "Craving"

And that's 15 minutes! Here's to all of my sleepyheads!

So go forth and sleep in! You deserve it.

What does your morning makeup routine involve? Let me know below!


  1. As much as I love makeup...some days you just need to get something on! I love this look. Totally gorgeous.

  2. Lol sounds like my morning makeup routine, i will try the pink n yellow combo havnt heard of tht before. I just add yellow on the browbone n on top of my cheekbones. Can u give a quick tip for blush im always struggling with it can never figure out where to put it on or just dnt have a good brush. Ps im so in love with my ub concealor. Now im on the hunt for a perfect bb or cc


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