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Top 8 Office & Job Interview Appropriate Nail Polishes

If I've already spent upwards of 3.679 hours trying to pick out an outfit, the last thing I want to do is stress about whether the nail polish I'm about to paint onto my digits isn't quite 'work appropriate'.

If you've ever been caught in an endless cycle of giving yourself a DIY manicure, only to take it all off again straight after because it's just not right, then you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.

Picking the right shade for work or a job interview is hard! Which is why I've compiled this handy little guide of recommendations so you can spend more time killin' it at work, and less time worrying about your mani!

Kit Cosmetics in 'Dig Deep'

Most people will shy away from reds in the workplace because they can be a bit bright, but I say go for it girl! Pick a shade that's muted and with a deeper berry undertone. These still look professional and polished, while adding a subtle pop of colour to your look. Make sure you look after your nails when wearing darker shades, as any chipping can look a bit more obvious.

Maybelline Super Stay 7 Days in 'Rose Poudre'

When I can't decide what colour to paint my nails for work, I always go back to this one. Rose Poudre is a deep nude pink that is the perfect 'my nails but better' shade and the formula of the Super Stay 7 Days range will easily give you two weeks' worth of un-chipped nails. For a busy working woman on the go, a long lasting polish is definitely a plus!

Mavala Nail Polish in 'Duchess Rose'

You can never go wrong with a baby pink! Especially if you have discoloured nails, a light pink shade will do a great job of masking any stains. This colour from Mavala is a lovely 'go with everything' kind of polish and the bottle is super tiny - perfect for popping in your drawer or bag for desk touch ups.

Ciate Paint Pot in 'Cutie Pie'

If you're after a shade that is a safe bet for any workplace or job interview, Ciate's Cutie Pie will do the trick. This creme formula applies smoothly and creates a very natural-looking coat for the nails. Plus because it's so light in colour, if you happen to chip your manicure, no one will be able to tell unless they look right up close. And who does that? 

Sportsgirl Nail It! in 'Metallic Nude'

Very rarely will glitter be okay in a office-based workplace, but if you're heading out after your Friday 5pm knock-off, then you'll probably want a little more glitz on your digits. A pale metallic shade in gold or silver is still glamorous enough for a night out, but not too full on for your boss.

Essie Polish in 'Urban Jungle'

Essie's Urban Jungle is one of my top favourites (and I'm even wearing it now as I type!) because it's a super clean and very professional colour. It's a creamy white with a very slight brown undertone and it looks absolutely killer worn with a black blazer and white shirt combo. Highly recommend!

Essie Polish in 'Go Ginza'

Those nude shades above not doing it for you? If you're after a little more colour and are lamenting the fact that you have to put away all of your bright polishes, don't despair! Try a pastel version of your favourite shades. This soft lilac from Essie is a little more adventurous than your pale pinks, but not too over the top that you'll get pulled up for it at work.

Sportsgirl Nail It! in 'Coconut'

This shade will require a little more upkeep because white nails tend to look grubby after a few days, but if you're after a colour that you can apply on a Thursday and last you through the weekend, a pure white is a great choice. Classy, yet bold and on trend, this shade is especially great for more creative-based work places.

To everyone heading off to job interviews, all the best of luck! I'll have my fingers crossed for you ;)

What is your favourite nail polish to wear to work? Let me know below!



  1. I've heard so much about Rose Poudre but nail polish is always something that slips my mind every time I head to Priceline. Go Ginza is also the perfect pastel liac I've been looking for :)

  2. These are definitely perfect! I never even thought about nail polish shades for an interview. So smart!

  3. Essie 'Urban Jungle' looks great, my favourite neutral lately is Essie's Topless and Barefoot :)

  4. these are really good choices! I always suggest pale colors, I yet to suggest a brighter tone but that is muted just enough it looks nice.


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