Wednesday, 15 February 2012

nailed it! OPI Nail Apps

Normally a nice little mani will do for my fingertips, but lately, the good ol' lacquer and polish hasn't been cutting it for me.

I had a big event coming up and wanted to really showcase my nails; as they say, really make them pop off the LBD I'd be sashaying in later that night.

Maybe a multi-colored french manicure?
Some nail art stickers? 
Rainbow nails, fake nails, applications,

The answer to my dilemma came in the form of OPI Nail Apps.

Only setting me back about $20, OPI has a great selection of patterns including lace, floral, block color themes to throw a few names out there. Of course, how could someone like me who goes goo-goo-ga-ga over blocky aztec print walk past the graphic zig-zag? Answer; I couldn't, I wouldn't, so I simply didn't, and took these babies home with me. 

 Simply warm in hands, apply to nail, and file away the excess until the desired shape is acquired. 
The perfect date for my dress!


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