Saturday, 26 November 2011

run wild horses jewellery

It takes something very special to convince me to press "add to cart" when online shopping. I don't do this for just any old thing.

But when I saw this lovely little necklace on 
I really couldn't resist, and I was through that web checkout as fast as Roadrunner skedaddles away from Coyote.

...that reference only works if you've seen Loony Tunes. 
Awks if you haven't.

Regardless, here is my pretty little purchase:

image source
Here's what it looks like on: 

The quirky runwildhorses store (based in Melbourne = bonus points!) has a whimsical range of handmade and affordable jewellery, ranging from necklaces for your girlfriends, earrings for your sister, brooches for your nanna or home wares for mum, so it may just be the perfect stop for a spot of Christmas shopping! 

Most of the vintage-inspired pieces are one-of-a-kind, and quantities are limited, so make sure you pop by and nab something gorgeous before you find your wish-list favourites have skipped out of the store in someone else's shopping bag!

I have a bit of a crush on geometric jewellery at the moment,so I already have my eye on this little cutie:

image source
You can visit the online store here:

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