Thursday, 9 March 2017

VIDEO: Poké Bowls, Yoga 213 & IKEA Vlog!

Hey beauties, I'm back with another vlog!

This time I visited 213 Yoga, tried Poké Bowls (Spoiler: They're DELICIOUS) and got up to some mischief at IKEA. Pretty standard weekend, hey? ;)

I hope you guys are enjoying my videos, there's a whole bunch more on the way! Stay tuned, and if you're liking them so far, I'd love it if you subscribed to my YouTube channel. Like, only if you want to, but I'd totally recommend it... 

Watch the vlog below:



  1. These pictures are so stunning. I would def love to visit one day xx, thanks for sharing! You will like to see more fun from here.

  2. This essentially stretches your entire body. If you are working towards developing your core strength and balance then the plank pose and the tree pose are a must. Yoga


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