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How to Wear Bold Lipstick Colours for Halloween

Think your lipstick collection is just limited to reds, pinks and nudes? With Halloween right around the corner, it's the perfect time to bust out a bold lip - with zero judgement!

And if you haven't gotten around to finding a Halloween costume just yet, pairing a spooky shade of lipstick with an all-black outfit is a simple way to get into the trick or treating spirit.

Here are my top bold lip colours that are perfect for Halloween (and a couple of tips on how to wear them!).

How to Pull Off Bold Lipstick Colours for Halloween

While bold lipsticks can be a bit, well, scary, there's no need to shy away from them! The key to really pulling them off without looking overdone, is to wear them with minimal makeup.

That doesn't mean no makeup, but keep it simple so the focus is really on your lips. My favourite look that works every time, is a flawless foundation base, groomed brows, highlighter along the high points of the face, topped off with liquid liner and mascara for the eyes. Save the smoky eye for another time! Unless that's the look you're going for, and that's cool too.

How to Pull Off Bold Lipstick Colours for Halloween

Feeling a little more at ease and on board the bold lipstick train now? Welcome! 

When choosing your lipstick, I'd recommend a matte formula, which usually means you'll get a stronger colour result and it will last a lot longer than a glossy lippy. So good news for those of you who will be partying all night by the light of the moon!

The shades that I'm sharing with you in this post are all matte (save for the very last one - but it's a special exception, and you'll see why!) and each have their own Halloweeny vibe. So let's get to know them! 

How to Pull Off Bold Lipstick Colours for Halloween


Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Velvet in Orange-ology

When I think of Halloween, it's a no-brainer that pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns come to mind! While not the craziest shade out there, orange is still definitely a bold one. I'm pretty sure this particular shade of the Rimmel London Apocalips is no longer available, but literally almost every makeup brand is sure to have an orange lipstick in their range. Plus, this colour isn't so out there that you'll get stares if you wear it to work - and since Halloween is on a Monday this year, it's the perfect pick!

How to Pull Off Bold Lipstick Colours for Halloween


Colourpop Lippie Stix in Bull Chic

It wouldn't be a Halloween makeup post without mentioning a black lipstick! I've tried a couple in my time and this one from Colourpop is easily the most wearable and most comfortable on the lips. The black is really opaque so your lips really look super dark and vampy, and while wearing black lipstick may seem intimidating, it's a shade that's actually very flattering if it's the focal point of your makeup look. I wish I could wear this shade everyday!

How to Pull Off Bold Lipstick Colours for Halloween


MAC Cosmetics Lipstick in Halsey

If you want to feel like a badass this Halloween, get a grey lipstick in yo' life. The key to wearing this bold shade is to make sure your application is flawless and within the outline of your lips. Mac's Halsey lipstick has a slight blue undertone to it too, so if you're worried about your teeth looking a bit yellow from wearing a dark lipstick, this shade is a great one for you! Plus it's the kind of colour that would stop strangers from talking to you on public transport - but in a good way!

How to Pull Off Bold Lipstick Colours for Halloween


Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick in Scream Queen

Now is the name of this colour perfect for Halloween, or what?! If you want a shade that's more on the glam side of gothic, a deep, red wine colour is really flattering on everyone and not as cray cray as a black or grey. It's a great one if you've got a more classy Hallowen 'do, or want to get into the swing of Halloween without committing to a full on costume. 

How to Pull Off Bold Lipstick Colours for Halloween


Sigma Power Stick Lipstick in Stamina

Perfect for pairing with store-bought witch and fairy costumes (I see you last-minuters!), this punchy purple lipstick really adds a touch of magic to your look. It looks pretty full on in the tube, but on the lips it's actually really beautiful and quite enchanting! Plus the formula of the Sigma Power Sticks is so smooth and pigmented, that you won't need to worry about your lipstick looking patchy by the end of the night.

How to Pull Off Bold Lipstick Colours for Halloween

Sheer Black

NYX V'Amped Up! Lip Top Coat in Black

And now for the sheer shade I mentioned earlier in this post - if you have really left it to the last minute, you can head down to your local Priceline to pick up this Lip Top Coat. It works just as its name suggests; you just apply it straight over your normal lipstick to darken it! In the below photo, I've applied it over the top of a super bright red lipstick, and you can see how it's turned it all dark and mOoDy. 

How to Pull Off Bold Lipstick Colours for Halloween

Which of these bold Halloween lipsticks was your favourite? Let me know in the comments!

How to Pull Off Bold Lipstick Colours for Halloween



  1. You are too cute my girl!! How on earth are you able to pull off every single colour. I'm so jealous hahah x

    Katina Lindaa |

    1. Aww thank you Kat! You're too kind missy <3 xx


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