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First Impressions: Benefit's New Brow Collection & Ka-Brow Demo

Girl wants brows, and she wants them now!

The brand new Benefit brow collection drop is right around the corner, and no matter what kind of product you prefer (or if you're a total brow newbie!), this range has every type you can think of - pencil, gel, cream, you name it!

And with strong, defined eyebrows having such a moment right now, it's exactly the right time to jump on the brow bandwagon.

I've been lucky enough to get a sneak preview of some of the new releases in the launch, so read on to hear my first impressions! Plus, there's even a demo of the brow pomade, Ka-Brow! at the end!

First Impressions: Benefit's New Brow Collection & Ka-Brow Demo
*Thank you to the babes at Team Benefit for sending me some of the products from the new collection to test out!

I was lucky enough to have four products from the new collection land on my desk (there are nine in the full range). These were a retractable brow pencil, a brow primer, a brow cream pot and a brow gel. More than enough to get these brows into tip top shape!
First Impressions: Benefit's New Brow Collection & Ka-Brow Demo

Let's get to know them one by one...

Browvo! Conditioning Primer

If you've got sparse brows, this newbie claims to help your brows look thicker, healthier and fuller. And as the name suggests, it should also keep your brow products in place all day, just like your regular makeup primers. Plus it's transparent, so it's great no matter what colour your brows are!

Benefit Cosmetics Browvo Conditioning Primer

This retractable pen-like applicator deposits a thickish clear gel out of the nib, which you then brush through your brows using the little plastic bristles on the end. For me, this one acts as more of a brow gel than a primer, as it definitely helped to comb and shape my brow hairs, however when I tried to apply an additional product to 'fill in' my brows, this gel got a bit dry underneath. Definitely less is more! 

RRP: $49
Shades available: 1

Benefit Cosmetics Browvo Conditioning Primer

Goof Proof Brow Pencil

I stopped using brow pencils a couple of years ago as I always found them to be a bit chalky and difficult to blend. But that's no longer a problem in today's brow market! Enter the Goof Proof (how hilarious is that name?!) pencil, which is great for both shaping and filling in your brows really quickly. 

Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil

This pencil is awesome for anyone on the go or wants to do their brows in the least amount of time and with the least amount of effort. This dual-ended product has a diamond-shaped pencil on one end, which is great for literally 'drawing' on your brows really seamlessly, and a spoolie brush on the other for blending out any harsh lines for a more natural looking finish. 

RRP: $42
Shades available: 6

Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil

Gimme Brow

This baby shouldn't be a stranger if you're a makeup junkie like me! The Gimme Brow is one of Benefit's cult products that soooo many people rave about. For the brow collection release, it's just been repackaged into the new silver packaging. Other than it's new look, I'm pretty sure it's just the same old formula you know and love inside!

Benefit New Gimme Brow

I actually hadn't tried the Gimme Brow until I received this in the mail, and so I was pretty excited to give it a go. It was pretty darn impressive too - last week I was pretty much knocked out with a bad cold, so I did a really quick, minimal makeup look so I could get out the door looking more alive than I felt. I used the Gimme Brow and my thin brows instantly looked fuller, filled in and darker in just a few swipes. 

You won't get a really defined shape with this one, but your brows will definitely look thicker and more 'put together' thanks to the volumizing microfibers in the formula. The perfect product to swiftly groom your brows for a casual weekend look, or if you're in school and aren't allowed to wear makeup - shh, no one will be able to tell!

RRP: $39
Shades available: 3

Benefit New Gimme Brow


And now we come to my favourite of the four! The Ka-Brow! is a creamy, pigmented gel (really similar in texture to gel eyeliner) that can be used to both shape and fill in your brows. This one will also give you the most defined brow look of the four products in this post. Beauties who love a bold brow, this one's for you!

The packaging of this one is crazy cute, and the circus tent-like lid pops at the top to reveal a tiny little angled brush for you to apply the gel with. ADORABLE! 

I love how convenient this is, because I'm so used to carrying a whole seperate brush for my brow products. This little beauty is about the size of a pack of mints, which makes it perfect for travelling or keeping with you for little touch ups. 

RRP: $42
Shades available: 6

Benefit Ka Brow! Brow Pomade Gel

Let's do a little Ka-Brow! demo!

So this is what I look like with zero brow product on. My brows are pretty sparse, uneven and on the thinner side. As a result, even when I'm doing a really quick and simple makeup look, I'll still always fill them in. They're a bit meh otherwise!

Benefit Ka Brow! Brow Pomade Gel Review & Demo

My favourite type of brow product to use are brow pomades, as they're really pigmented and are easy to apply and blend to create the defined shape I usually go for. 

Click on the image below if you want to zoom in on it to get a better look at dem browz, but first off I've used the little angled brush in the Ka-Brow! to apply the cream along the top and bottom arches of my brows to create the outline of the shape I want. I draw my brows slightly thicker than they are naturally (hey, they need the boost!).

Then using short, gentle strokes, I filled in the middle with the tiniest amount of the cream. This stuff is REALLY strong colour-wise, so go easy! In the middle picture below, you can compare a 'done up' brow and a nakey one - LOOK AT THAT DEFINITION. YAS.

Benefit Ka Brow! Brow Pomade Gel Review & Demo

Here I am with both of them filled in. HELLO BROWS! 

I love that they look strong and defined, while still natural and not like those dreaded 'texta' brows you see in the memes! This is exactly the kind of intensity I want for everyday - plus, I wear glasses to work, so a bold brow really compliments my frames.

Benefit Ka Brow! Brow Pomade Gel Review & Demo

The full Benefit collection officially hits stores July 22nd, so keep an eye (or a brow!) out for the release at Sephora, Myer and other Benefit stockists. I can't wait to check out the rest of the range!

First Impressions: Benefit's New Brow Collection & Ka-Brow Demo

What's you're favourite type of brow product? Let me know in the comments below!


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