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SNEAK PEEK: New Australian Releases from Maybelline New York

If you've been stalking Maybelline New York's Instagram account and dying to know when all of these amazing products are coming to Australia, then beauty, you are IN. LUCK.

Brace yourselves, because a massive TWELVE new lines are coming to our shores. From The Blushed Nudes eyeshadow palette to an amazing new line of Baby Lips, you better make some space in that makeup bag!

Keen to see what's coming? I've got a sneak peek of ALL of the new releases, so read on and keep that wish list ready - if there's anything you want to see dedicated reviews on, let me know in the comments below!

*Thank you to the babes at Maybelline for giving me these amazing products to share! 


Dream Velvet Soft Matte Hydrating Foundation

I have been COUNTING DOWN the seconds until I got this foundation in my hot little hands, because I've been dying to find a hydrating matte foundation. Usually it's one or the other, but with the gel-whipped formula of the Dream Velvet Soft Matte Hydrating Foundation, I'm hoping to finally have one that does both. This one comes in 10 shades from Porcelain Ivory to Caramel.

RRP: $22.95

Master Conceal by Face Studio Concealer

I'm a big fan of the Maybelline concealers - the Fit Me Concealer is my favourite drugstore concealer by far - so I have high hopes for this range. These full-coverage concealers have been formulated to cover everything from dark-circles to blemishes, and I LOVE that they're in a squeezy tube so I can get the most out of them. These will be released in five different shades from Fair to Medium/Deep, and would be awesome for cream contouring!

RRP: $17.95

Master Contour Palette

The latest in sculpting from Maybelline is this three-powder palette, that's about the size of an iPhone 6 Plus (or the same as The Nudes eyeshadow palette if you've got that!). It comes with a matte bronzer, a STUNNING shimmery peach blush (dupe for NARS Orgasm anyone?!) and a high-impact highlighter. If you've used the Master Sculpt powder from Maybelline, this one is pretty much the same, just with larger pan sizes and the addition of a blush. This one also comes with an angled brush for applying, which is a nice addition.

RRP: $19.95

Master Fix by Face Studio

Other than from Australis, you'd be hard pressed to find a good makeup setting spray from the drugstore. Enter the Master Fix, which is a much-needed addition to the market! This lightweight, translucent mist will help keep your makeup in place, as well as help take away the 'cakey' finish to your makeup if you've used a bit too much powder. Apparently it dries really quick too, which is a plus because I can't stand sprays that leave a residue on my skin!

RRP: $15.95


Vivid Matte Liquid Lip Color

YAAAAAASSSSS, these babies are finally here! Most liquid lipsticks are exclusively high-end, so it's crazy exciting to see the matte liquid lip trend coming to the affordable side of the price range. The Vivid Matte Liquids have been getting a tonne of hype overseas, and it's easy to see why - the colour range is super wearable and the pigmentation is awesome. I'm thinking a full review of these is in order! 

RRP: $17.95

L - R: Nude Thrill, Nude Flush, Possessed Plum, Berry Boost, Fuchsia Ecstasy, Electric Pink, Orange Shot and Rebel Red.

Color Sensational The Blushed Nudes Lipstick

The Blushed Nudes are limited edition so once this collection drops, get in quick! These pink lipsticks come in six different shades, from a dusty rose to a brighter coral, and are smooth and creamy to apply like the other Color Sensational lipsticks in the full range. I'm definitely loving the more subtle, everyday pinks - they might just replace my trusty Mac!

RRP: $17.95

L - R: Sunset Blush, Tip Top Tulle, Lust Affair, More To Adore, Fairly Bare and Pink Fling.

Baby Lips Balm & Blush

If I was in high school, I bet you I'd spend all my pocket money on a full set of these! The adorable Baby Lips Balm & Blush are spherical lip balms (think EOS!) that you can use on your lips or on your cheeks (!!) as a subtle dewy blush, or a highlight in the case of the shade on the far left. I've already cracked these cuties open and I think they're actually even more hydrating than the original Baby Lips!

RRP: $9.95

L - R: Shimmering Bronze, Flirty Pink, Juicy Rose and Innocent Peach.


Color Show The Blushed Nudes Nail Polish

I'm already a fan of the Color Show nail polishes as they're lovely and creamy, long lasting and have a big wide brush, which makes painting your nails really quick and easy. These four shades are limited edition as part of The Blushed Nudes collection and have the prettiest pattern on the lids! I've got my eye on the two middle shades, especially that gorgeously rich deep pink!

RRP: $5.95

L - R: Make Me Blush, Dusty Rose, Crimson Flush and Mod Mauve.


The Blushed Nudes Eyeshadow Palette

This beauty has been BLOWING UP on social media, and it's no wonder - this palette which has been hailed as a dupe for the Urban Decay Naked 3 is full of gorgeously pink and neutral shades. When it comes to drugstore eyeshadows, the pigmentation and consistency of the shades can be hit and miss, so I've got my fingers crossed because the colours in this rose gold case look stunning!

RRP: $25.95

Brow Drama Pomade Crayon

Like a chubby stick for your brows, the new crayons from Maybelline look creamy and super pigmented. From someone who likes taking their time doing their brows, I'm not sure how comfortable I'll be essentially doing my brows in 'one swipe', but I love that the pomade formula that's so popular right now has been introduced in a new and innovative way. Excited to try these!

RRP: $14.95

Lasting Drama Gel 24H Automatic Pencil 

The Maybelline gel liner that comes in a pot is one of the best out there, so I'm really looking forward to giving it a go in pencil form. Gel formulas tend to last longer than kohl pencils too, so I'm excited to pit this up against my oily eyelids. Plus, since it's an automatic pencil that sharpens itself, there's no need to carry around a seperate sharpener! Win!

RRP: $16.95

The Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara

Now what would a Maybelline release be without a new addition to the Falsies family! The latest mascara from MNY is like nothing I've ever seen before - the wand has 'cup' shaped bristles to literally push up your lashes (anyone else getting the boob references here?) and the formula has wax in it to help your lashes hold the curl. It comes in a waterproof version too!

RRP: $21.95

All of these releases are either out now or on their way - check your local Priceline, supermarket or drugstore makeup stockist as these new beauties will be hitting stores from now and throughout July.

Are there any products you would love a dedicated review of? Let me know in the comments below, more than happy to get one up and running for you guys!

Which release are you most excited for? Let me know in the comments below!



  1. Guuurl you slayed this post! I was thinking of doing something similar but I felt like I wouldn't have time hahah x

    Katina Lindaa |

    1. Aww thank you lovely! So glad you enjoyed! xx

  2. LOVE the look of the blushed nudes palette! I want it already!

    1. It's gorgeous in real life too! I can't wait to have a proper play with it x

  3. Great post girl!! I've had my goodie bag busted open since Friday morning. I'm in love with the concealers! And will certainly be looking for the extra 2 shades when the collection is released as the shades I have are too light for contouring. I'm also loving contour kit, the highlight shade in that palette is stunning.

    Bec |

    1. Aww thank you so much Bec! My favourite so far are the liquid lipsticks, they are incredible! <3 And now I can't wait to break open that contour palette now that I know that!! xx


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