Monday, 2 May 2016

REVIEW: The New Lancome Juicy Shakers have arrived in Australia!

There's nothing that gets my heart racing than a new, innovative beauty product #cheapthrills.

And this new addition to the Lancome collection is like nothing I've ever used, let alone seen before. 

Highly anticipated in the beauty world, the new Juicy Shakers are lip cushions (yes, cushion!) filled with tinted, moisturising oils. Read: a hydrating colour hit for your kisser!

Want a sneak peek? I've got a preview of the release with the shade 'Mangoes Wild', read on for a closer look!
The older sister to the 2000s girl favourite, the Juicy Tubes (now isn't that a flashback!), the Juicy Shaker is the answer to my teen self's chapped lips.

Attending a girls school meant that anywhere I looked I'd see someone using one of those cult classics. I never did manage to convince my mum to buy me one, but now we've come full circle, because I've got the grown up version in my hot little hands!

Inside the adorable cocktail shaker-like packaging (yep, Lancome know who they're marketing this for!) is a biphasic lip care formula - or in other words, a product duo of oils and pigment that you shake up to combine and activate. Love a little science experiment!

Below you can see what I mean - you can see here that the oil and the colour of the Juicy Shaker has split. It's completely normal and will happen pretty much every time you leave it sitting around. But this is the fun part where you literally shake it up to mix the two liquids together.

Inside the twistable cap is the softest lip product applicator I have ever used. This cone shaped (anyone else think this looks like a candy corn?!) sponge picks up the tinted oil from the bottle and you use it to apply directly to the lips. 

It legit feels like rubbing a marshmallow all over your mouth. 

Plus each Juicy Shaker has a different scent (this one is - you guessed it - Mango!), so it's a pretty delicious sensation all round. 

Pigment-wise, it was pretty impressive for an oil-based lip product. The colour goes on extremely smooth and even. Mangoes Wild is a gorgeous rosy fuchsia shade that adds a decent amount of colour to the lips, even after the oil wears away. 

I think it's pretty moisturising and I love the subtle hint of colour my Juicy Shaker adds to the lips. It doesn't actually feel oily at all and is really very pleasant to wear.

However it doesn't provide long-lasting hydration so you'll find yourself applying it a few times a day. But I didn't even care because the application is so much fun!

The Juicy Shakers collection has just been released in Australia exclusively online on Lancome's official website. But physical stores will get their Juicy Shakers hit on May 8th, so only a week to go! There are 14 different shades available at $34 each. I don't know how I'll resist getting them all!

Would you ever try a lip oil? Let me know in the comments below!



  1. I love this clothes. Thanks for your recommend.

  2. I bought 3 of these over the weekend! The lady at the Lancôme counter was lovely and sold them to me! Hehe I can't wait to have a play!!

    Mel x || Loads of Lifestyle


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