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REVIEW: L'Oreal Paris Nude Magique Cushion Foundation

This post has been a long time coming - and requested a lot by you guys, so please forgive me for taking my sweet time!

The L'Oreal Paris Nude Magique Cushion is a liquid foundation that comes in a compact, which is a makeup type that originates in Asia (is it just me who thinks Asia have the coolest beauty innovations?!). L'Oreal was one of the first mainstream brands to bring the cushion trend to Australia, and since it's release, a string of other brands have brought out their own versions.

Now I know that a liquid foundation in a compact sounds super messy, but trust me, it's not! Plus, if you love light-to-medium coverage bases that are no fuss, you're going to love this.

Read on for the full review, where I show you how to use this beauty!

So let's open up the compact and take a peek inside. Once you pop open the case, you're greeted with a large mirror on the underside of the lid and a thin, flat makeup sponge, with a ribbon to tuck it onto your fingers when using it to apply the foundation to your face.

The applicator sponge that comes with the L'Oreal Cushion is fairly standard for compact foundations - I do wish it was just a little bit thicker as it doesn't pick up a lot of product, so I'm dipping it into the foundation maybe 8 times or so to do my entire face. But it does blend the product quite well.

Once you've removed the sponge, there's a second lid that you can pop open. Hint: Make sure you tightly shut this lid when you're finished, as it keeps the foundation cushion from drying out! 

Underneath is where the magique (hehe) happens - here is the foundation cushion. The cushion is basically a very porous sponge that is filled with foundation and when you press the applicator into it, the pressure squeezes foundation onto it. Clever, huh?

The application process for a cushion foundation is a bit different from your usual base products. Once you've got foundation onto your sponge, you then press the product onto your skin - no rubbing at all! To build up the coverage all you need to do is press a few layers on and to blend, just lightly tap the applicator onto your skin.

Here you can see I've applied one layer - definitely light coverage! The formula of the L'Oreal Cushion is very dewy, so it gives you a really fresh finish to your makeup. However, if you have oily skin you will definitely have to set your base with a powder. This foundation also tends to crease slightly if worn alone; you can see it's creased a bit on my eyelids and in my smile lines, but adding my regular concealer and powder routine gets rid of that anyway.

As you can see below, after having applied the rest of my makeup, that crease action from earlier is all gone. Using the L'Oreal Cushion has also given my makeup a really glowing and luminous effect, which I love! I've worn this to work and it's lasted all day as well, which completely surprised me for such a dewy formula!

The L'Oreal Paris Nude Magique Cushion Foundation comes in six shades and is available from most major pharmacies and supermarkets for $29.95.

Have you tried this foundation? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!



  1. I absolutely love this foundation! I find it gives such lovely coverage, and am amazing dewy, skin-like finish!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Alison! I'm pretty sure it's either Golden Beige or Beige - the label has come off the back of mine :) Hope that helps! x


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