Sunday, 15 May 2016

HAUL: Sigma Beauty Brushes, Tools & Makeup

I feel like it's been forever since I've done a beauty haul, so this is well overdue!

Today I've got a rad bunch of products from Sigma Beauty to share with you all - from brushes, to makeup, and even one of their amazing brush cleaning gadgets that always seem be be all over Instagram!

Want a closer look? Read on!

Disclaimer: Please note that the Sigma Beauty links in this blog post are affiliate links, which means that if you click on them and make a purchase, I will get a small percentage of the sales. There is absolutely no pressure to buy, but if you choose to, thank you very much for supporting Taken By Surprise! 

Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Mat

Aside from this fact that this brush cleaning mat is almost the same shape as my home country - Australia represent! - I am super excited to give this a go. Whenever I clean my brushes, I just rinse them off in the palm of my hand and when you have a bunch of brushes to do, your hands can get pretty dry afterwards!

This 7-sectioned rubber mat is meant to sit directly into your sink (attached with suction cups on the back) for easy use, and all you do after applying your brush detergent is swirl the brush heads on the relevant section of the mat under running water to rinse them off. Super easy!

Copper F80 Flat Kabuki Brush, E38 Diffused Crease Brush & E54 Medium Sweeper Brush

I have been meaning to get new brushes for the longest time, but just couldn't narrow down which ones I wanted to get! But I'm now the excited owner of three stunning Sigma brushes from their copper range. Are these not an Instagrammer's dream!?

The Flat Kabuki brush is great for buffing out my liquid or cream-based foundations and it feels soooo nice on the skin. The Diffused Crease is awesome at blending out my transition eyeshadow colours and instead of sitting at my mirror for 5 minutes trying to blend my eyeshadow, a few windscreen wiper sweeps of this bad boy is all I need! As for the Medium Sweeper, this is a rad brush for anyone's makeup kit - it packs your eyeshadow on with minimal fallout so you get really gorgeous, concentrated colour on the eyes.

Aura Powder Blush in 'Pet Name'

I always fall in love with blushes because they come in the most stunning colours, but I don't often wear them as I find the pigment is a bit too strong and overpowering. BUT, this gorgeous matte blush in Pet Name (how cute is that name?!) from Sigma is pretty much perfect! It's a soft, diffused peachy pink, which is great for adding a subtle flush to the cheeks. Especially on a work day, just a pinch of colour is all I want!

Power Stick Lipstick in 'Stamina'

Statement lips, here I come! I LOVE wearing moody lip colours (shout out to my year 8 emo self) and this deep purple Power Stick lipstick is so badass! Plus, winter is the only time I can really get away with wearing such a bright (yet dark haha) lipstick, so I'm really looking forward to breaking this beauty out.

Line Ace Liquid Eyeliner in 'Legend'

Wearing liquid eyeliner was my signature look back in university, but since starting work full time, it comes out a little less often! But I'm super keen to get it back into my routine, because from someone who wears thick-rimmed glasses most days, having winged eyeliner really does lift your eye game. 

The Line Ace liners come with a pot of crazy pigmented product that dries matte, and a thin brush tip applicator. These style liquid liners are my favourite, because they are flexible and the finished effect is super sleek.

Do you own any Sigma Beauty products? Let me know your recommendations below!


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