Tuesday, 29 March 2016

REVIEW: Trefiel Lace Sheet Hydromasks

I love sheet masks. Maybe it's the way they can make your skin glow, balance your complexion, exfoliate like a boss or just make you look like a friendly monster, I can't get enough of them.

For the newbies (welcome to this wonderful world!), a sheet mask is essentially a piece of cloth in the shape of a face that is enriched with skincare, usually a hard core serum or exfoliant. You leave them on your face for anywhere between 5 and 30 minutes depending on the mask type, before removing and patting in the residue into your skin for a long lasting treatment. 

I especially love sheet masks from Japan and Korea because they are known for AMAZING skincare, but the latest one to hit my radar is this stunning lace creation from Trefiel.

This crazy cool masquerade style mask comes in two sections - for the top and bottom halves of the face - so you can really customise your skincare routine. Plus, these babies are Aussie, and I love trying locally-made products!

Each Trefiel mask set comes in a pouch, of which you tear off the top to get the mask out. They also handily provide instructions on how to use this bad boy and I'm going to take you my experience using it!

First up, here I am with no makeup on having just washed my face using my normal cleanser. I have combination skin; oily t-zone and dry cheeks in my case, so I was curious to see if this Trefiel mask had the power to combat both! As you can see, I also have some discolouration around my cheeks, which are naturally quite pink compared to the rest of my face.

One thing I love about sheet masks is their super relaxing cooling effect. Because they're wet, they feel really soothing on the skin, and this Trefiel one was no different. The mask itself is actually not a cloth material like what I'm used to - this is more like a squishy jelly-like material, similar to under eye pads. 

The fact that the Trefiel masks come with two parts is really convenient. I have found myself SO MANY TIMES negotiating with a full face sheet mask and it folding back on itself and getting stuck to things that aren't my face! So having two pieces makes the application much easier, plus it also fits to more face sizes and shapes because it moulds to the face better!

After around 20 minutes - have you ever tried to take photos of yourself with a mask on?! It is hard! -  I peeled it off my skin. Like most sheet masks, it left behind some product on my skin, so I just gently patted it with my finger tips until it was all absorbed. Never wash or wipe sheet mask residue away, it's valuable serum!

Once finished, I really did notice a difference in my skin, which is pretty incredible for a first use! My skin felt soft, plump and hydrated, which is the biggest thing I look for in a face mask. There was a small improvement in my skin tone too!

I had to go out soon after using the mask, and below is a quick snap of my makeup. I really felt the difference - my primer and foundation went on so smoothly and all my complexion products blended so easily. The overall finish of my makeup was also really flawless! It is as they say, a great base makes for a great face!

Trefiel sheet masks are cruelty free and suitable for all skin types. At $9.95 each, they're more on the pricey side, but shipping is free in Australia and they have value packs that will save you some dollars if you're looking for long term pampering. Check them out here.

Have you ever tried a sheet mask? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below!



  1. such a pretty face mask- I didn't know that was possible! Love the review- I've never tried sheet masks! Maybe when I'm in Australia I will have to try it ;)

    1. Thanks Kate! It's easily the prettiest one I've ever used - and really up there on my list of favourites!

  2. Re-reading this today has made us so happy. So glad you had a great experience with our masks, Jess!


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