Tuesday, 8 March 2016

REVIEW: TooFaced #TFNoFilter Selfie Powders Palette

Spending forever trying to get that perfect selfie? 56904 photos later and still no new profile pic? Beauty, I can RELATE. 

While the TooFaced #TFNOFilter Selfie Powders Palette doesn't guarantee a killer DP, it really does do a pretty rad job of adjusting the lighting of your makeup. Say what?

If you're after a new setting powder that doubles as a complexion smoother, this might just rock your makeup bag.

Inside the cardboard packaging comes three shades, all of which are meant to create a 'Instagram filter'-like effect when worn over your foundation. I don't know how strong that claim is after wearing this palette myself, but in terms of perfecting your makeup, the final effect of these three powders combined is pretty lovely.

Up front is Sunrise, which is meant to have a brightening effect, adding a diffused warm glow to the skin. At first glance, it looks pretty scary - that yellow is kind of cartoonish! Pikachu anyone? But it's a great shade for colour correcting. If your skin tone is uneven, even after applying your foundation and concealer, a light handed application of this shade will help balance it out.

In the middle we have Totally Toasted, which the little Chihuahua on the palette's packaging says will  create a bronze smoothing glow. It's legit too - while it looks like it could be a muddy shade on the skin, it actually does create a soft, warm glow to the skin when either lightly applied to the entire face, or more strongly applied as a contour. It has a subtle shimmer to it that looks really gorgeous when the light catches. In terms of shade and application, it's pretty similar to the Hourglass Ambient Bronzer, just not as finely milled.

Lastly, there's Moon River, a cool ethereal light effect powder. This light lilac shade looks a bit odd in the pan, but like Sunrise, it's more of a colour correcting shade to help balance out any unevenness in the tone of your makeup. It can definitely be worn as a highlight, however it's more on the matte side than the shimmery side, so I wouldn't go overboard as the purple will begin to really show through on the skin.

In terms of pigmentation, all three of these powders take some elbow grease to get out of the pan. Just to get these swatches, I was rubbing and rubbing the powders! But you don't exactly want them to be crazy pigmented anyway, because you're probably not after a yellow, brown or purple face. But when you dip a brush in these, you will need to use something with dense bristles like a buffing brush, just to get the powder out.

The real winning application of these powders for me though is when they're all combined together. GUYS, CAN WE JUST APPRECIATE THIS STUNNING SHADE. In the photo below, I've mixed all three shades together, creating this warm, slightly shimmery, gorgeous glowiness. As a setting powder, this mixed shade is really pretty on, creating soft highlights and contours in all the right places, while at the same time, helping to balance any uneven tones in the skin. It's a bit of a hassle to mix them all together, but the finished effect is pretty rad.

And this wouldn't be a 'selfie' powders review without a reverse camera snap of myself with it on! Below is a photo - completely unedited, except for whitening the background - taken with my iPhone 6 front camera, INDOORS and I'm pretty pleased with the effect mixing all three shades from the #TFNOFilter Selfie Powders Palette to create my setting powder has.

I believe this palette was limited edition at Mecca Maxima (I was lucky and snagged it on sale for $26), but you can still grab it from the TooFaced website, or from Beauty Bay.

Would you change up your makeup routine for the sake of a good selfie? Let me know below!


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