Tuesday, 15 March 2016

REVIEW: Australis Take Me On Tour Contour & Highlight Kit

Lovers of the original Australis Contour and Highlight Kit - its younger sister is in town and she is arguably the cuter of the siblings! Just look at that pretty little thing!

The Take Me On Tour three-pan palette is a palm-sized, travel friendly version of the ACOnTour Kit, featuring what I think are actually the best shades from the first release; the famous 'banana' powder, a warm-toned highlight and a muted contour shade.

Want to get to know this cutie? Read on!
The palette is housed within a sturdy black plastic case, which definitely feels more resilient than the original. This is coming from someone who actually managed to drop theirs on the bathroom floor and shatter a whole shade (not naming names, but...), so the fact that Australis has bumped up the case quality for the travel-sized version is a great move.

Another fab addition to the Take Me On Tour is that each shade is removable, so you can depot them into your own custom palette. I don't know if they make the ACOnTour palettes like this now, but mine certainly didn't come with little divots to pop out the shades!

First up in the palette is the banana powder, which everyone in the beauty world is mad about. This matte, soft yellow is fantastic at disguising under eye darkness and works best when applied over your under eye concealer. Don't let the bright yellow scare you!

Tucked in the middle is a shimmery, nude highlight. This shade is my favourite of the trio - it's absolutely stunning on and a little goes a long way! While this would really only suit fair to medium skin tones, if you match that description, this is going to be a stunning highlight for you.

The original ACOnTour Palette has three contour shades (THREE? Who really uses three?!) in varying levels of darkness and warmth, but when I'm looking to define the contours of my face, I will only ever reach for a cool-toned matte brown. This creates the most natural look for my skin, without ending up with that dreaded muddy streak across your cheeks! This shade is gorgeous for subtly carving out the cheekbones and warming up the complexion.

All of the shades blend beautifully and you really don't need a lot of any of them on your brush to get them to show up on your skin. As you can see from the swatches below, those pigments are pretty powerful! A light hand will do you good when applying these, which is also great for your wallet, because even though this palette is small, a little will go a long way.

I picked up this newbie for just over $10 on promotion at Coles and you can grab it for $13 from tomorrow. I haven't spotted the Take Me On Tour palette anywhere else yet, though I do believe Kmart stock is also. Keep an eye on those shelves!

Do you prefer contouring or highlighting (or both!)? Let me know in the comments below!


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