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My 2015 best beauty favourites

Last year was a good one for beauty and I. I didn't blow my budget on makeup (as much as usual...) and instead I stayed really loyal to a bunch of products that I tried, loved and pretty much used everyday since I added them to my routine.

Want a peek into my beauty bag staples from 2015? Read on!

Urban Decay Naked Palette

Mecca Maxima, $81 at time of publish

This has to be one of the most talked about products in the beauty world, and the reputation has definitely been earned. Urban Decay's eyeshadows are some of the creamiest and pigmented in the market and even though I have the full trio of Naked palettes, the original is still my favourite.

My go-to eyeshadow look for the past few months has been 'Buck' blended into my crease and 'Sidecar' all over the lid. It is the easiest look ever, for pretty much zilch effort!

Hourglass Cosmetics Mineral Veil Primer

Mecca Maxima, $26 (for the 8.95mL)

I don't think I will ever stop using this. This is one of the most hydrating, long-lasting primers I have ever tried. While my makeup isn't exactly 'budge-proof' when I use this primer, it makes my makeup really dewy and fresh, and keeps it looking great all day. Plus for my dry-skinned beauties, this stuff is like liquid gold when you have dry patches on your face! TMI? Nah, we're all friends here!

Hourglass Cosmetics Ambient Lighting Wardrobe

Mecca Maxima, $87

So um, is it obvious how much I loved this palette? I've hit pan on two of the shades! Beauties, this is my hands down, brushes up, holy grail face powder and highlighter. Whenever I use it, my skin looks so healthy and glowing. No disco ball effect in sight, just a really, really beautiful complexion. It may be exxy, but it's ONE HUNDRED PERCENT worth it. Just like you are, you gorgeous human.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade

Sephora, $31

Your brows will thank you for bringing this baby into your life. I have fairly sparse eyebrows (thanks Asian genes), but this creates a beautifully natural brow look that fills in any gaps. Plus, with an angled liner brush, this super gel is extremely easy to work with and blend. I even have a brow tutorial using it! All that hype? Deserves it.

Chantecialle Faux Cils Longest Lash Mascara

Mecca Cosmetica, $99 for the full size

This one was a bit of dark horse for me, because I don't think I have ever heard or seen anything about it in the beauty community. The only reason I started using it was because my old mascara ran out and I had a sample one lying around in a Mecca Beauty Loop box. But I'm so glad I did because it's lengthening, volumising and really helps to define what lashes I do have. Only problem now is that it's starting to dry up and the full size is NINETY NINE DOLLARS. Sigh. Maybe in a few pay checks time?

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil in 'Rockstar'

Mecca Maxima, $30

Looking for an eye pencil that is gorgeously creamy and easy to blend? The Urban Decay pencils come in a huge rainbow of colours and they are fantastic for both everyday wear and creating a more intense look. When I want a softer eye makeup look, I use it along my top lash line, wiggling the pencil tip between my lashes to create the illusion of fuller lashes (any bit helps when you're me!) and then drawing a small wing at the outer corner.

Tocca Giulietta Rollerball Perfume

Mecca Maxima, available in store

Anyone else like me and just can't get through a whole bottle of perfume? Or you've wanted to take one travelling and it's made your entire bag smell when the lid pops off in transit? YUP. That's why rollerball fragrances are now my favourite. Convenient, more affordable if you like having a varied collection of scents, and they're purse-friendly! My current fave is this one from Tocca - Giulietta is floral, soft and very fresh.

Nivea Aqua Effect Nourishing Mask Honey Sachet

Priceline, $2.99

I bought this on a whim because it was in one of the 'impulse' baskets near the counter at Priceline, but it was such a good buy! These sachets come with two applications of the mask and it's this thick moisturiser that you basically slather all over your face (yeah, don't apply this unless you're alone!), leave on for ten minutes and then wipe away with facial tissues. Prepare for the softest, most hydrated face ever afterwards!

EcoTools Airbrush Concealer Brush

EcoTools online, $3.99

When you use a makeup brush for something that it's not meant to be used for... Whoever said I was traditional? This fluffy concealer brush from EcoTools is actual a FANTASTIC eyeshadow blending brush and I use it everyday to both apply my lid colour and my crease shade, and blend it all together. I need to buy a few more of these for sure!

Mac Cosmetics Lipstick in 'Twig'

Myer, $36

It's worth it. It's worth it. IT'S WORTH IT. This is one of Mac's most popular lipsticks for a reason. It's a stunning deep nude that is definitely my 'my lips but better' shade. It's long wearing, very pigmented and just a beautiful colour. If you don't have this one in your makeup collection, it is a fantastic addition.

Maybelline Master Precise Liner

Priceline, $14.95

I'm a winged liner girl for sure and this pen liner is really easy to use when I want to get my wing on point and I've slept in... I always tell beginners to winged liner to use pen liners when they're starting out because they're simpler to handle and you can get a great effect fairly quickly. The Master Precise is one of the most popular liners out there and it does deserve it!

Nivea Daily Essentials Sensitive Cleansing Mousse

Priceline, $9.99

When I was in Japan, I tried a high end  foaming mousse cleanser and LOVED it. It was gentle, effective and a tonne of fun to play with in the shower! This is the next best thing I could find in Australia and in all honesty - it's pretty close! And for a tenner, I'm pretty happy and my skin is too.

Priceline, $10.99

If you've been reading my blog for a while, then you'll know that I don't use conditioner! I have super straight hair and using conditioner just weighs it down so instead I just use a really good shampoo that keeps my hair fresh and light. I've been loving this one lately because first up, it's really good, second, it's often half price at Coles! What girl is going to turn down a humongous bottle of shampoo for only $5.50?! #notme

What were your favourite products from 2016? Let me know in the comments below!



  1. Great favourites! I love that you actually use all your products (hitting pan) proves that you actually love it!

    Tahana <3

  2. I agree that the Naked palette is definitely worth getting. I feel the same way about the Hourglass Ambient lighting wardrobe as well, that is seriously impressive that you've hit pan of two of the shades!

  3. Some great faves! You can definitely tell you love that Hourglass palette! I love Master Precise Liner, I go through so many of these and nothing else compares!

    Kate |


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