Monday, 28 September 2015

WHAT TO WEAR: 3 Office Appropriate Outfits

If you ever went to a school with a uniform, wearing whatever you wanted on casual clothes days was the highlight of the semester. But once you enter full time working life, suddenly choosing the PeRfECt OuTfIt each morning becomes a chore.

Because we all know sleep > standing in front of your wardrobe.

So I've pulled together a quick little guide that should give you a couple more minutes in the morning under the covers. Each outfit caters for a specific work related situation (but feel free to mix it up!) and are easy formulas that are tried and tested, and will work no matter what pieces you have in your closet.

Need a little fashspriration? Read on!

The 'business as usual' outfit

A Printed Top + A Light Jacket + Black Pants + Lace Ups

On the days when you're running late and just need to chuck something on and get out the door, simple prints is an easy way to look put together (even while you eat your brekkie in the car). The key to nailing this clean combo is choosing a colour scheme that works. For this particular outfit, I've gone with neutrals, like dusty pink, navy and white. I like clashing geometric patterns for a modern look.

The 'big meeting' outfit

Blazer + White Shirt + Tailored Trousers + Brogues

Have a boardroom to impress? For a look that's professional, classic, and will always work, choose a crisp, freshly ironed white shirt paired with a great pair of tailored pants, finished off with a blazer. Every woman working in an office workplace can wear (and should definitely own!) a variation of this outfit, and it's a great go-to when you've got that big presentation the next day and really need to spend your time sleeping instead of rifling through your wardrobe!

Featured: Petites By Dannii Minogue Shirt, Tokito Blazer, Topshop Trousers and Wittner Brogues.

The 'casual Friday' outfit

Textured Top + Black Jeans + Ankle Boots

There's casual, and then there's too casual. The name 'Casual Friday' is deceiving - yes, you can wear your jeans, but you still have to look polished. Meetings and important lunches don't stop just because it's nearly the weekend! Pick a top that's comfortable (it is Friday after all!) but still professional like this high-neck layered number - featured in this blog post - along with your favourite pair of jeans. To keep the look a bit dressy, go for a pair of black ankle boots. They'll always add an edge to any outfit.

Featured: Temt Top, Lovisa Necklace, Portmans Pants and Rubi Shoes Boots.

Which outfit was your favourite? Let me know in the comments below!


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