Monday, 20 July 2015

Why I Stopped Using Conditioner

Yup, you read that right. I don't use conditioner.

Some things go great together. Bacon and eggs. Lipstick and liner. But for me, shampoo and conditioner is a pair that's overrated. 

I have naturally straight, typically thick Asian hair. And every time I conditioned after rinsing out my shampoo, my hair became annoyingly slippery to deal with. Think ponytails slipping out of the ties and very fluffy hair that blew everywhere in the wind. Good luck ever getting my hair into a topknot that actually stayed in place for more than five minutes.

So I stopped using conditioner. Why?

In a nutshell, when you shampoo, you're opening up the outer layer of each strand of hair to wash out any dirt and oil buildup, while when you condition, this closes that layer up, leaving the hair smooth.

So if you don't condition, that layer is still open, which creates texture and grip. And for a girl who has ridiculously straight hair that is a struggle to hold a style in to begin with, any texture I can get, I'll take!

I'm not saying that if you shampoo and condition that that's the wrong way to do it. You do you! For me, since I have dead straight hair, skipping conditioner gives my hair a bit more volume and lift that I otherwise would have lost.

Now I can ruffle my hair with my hands and it actually looks *aRtFuLlY dIShEvElLeD* instead of just falling flat like it used to!

If you heat-style or blow dry your hair often, or have strands that tend to frizz up and are worried about losing that protective layer conditioner adds to your locks, give a weekly or fortnightly hair treatment a go, which will replenish your hair's silky smoothness. Alternatively, get yourself a hydrating oil that comes in a spray form like this one, which you can apply straight after drying your hair for a lightweight bout of moisture.

My biggest issue with conditioner is that is weighed my hair down. If you have hair that gets oily naturally after only a day or two, try just using shampoo and see how you go. My hair still looks and feels soft without it, it cuts my shower time down, and you'll also be saving money on buying your shampoo a caddy buddy. Ker-ching!

What's your favourite shampoo? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. I feel you omg my high pony tails just like slip out in 5 minutes! Your hair looks so good! Though I don't think I could ever cut conditioner out since I use it in the shower to detangle my hair.

  2. Such a great post Jess! I will have to try it out and see how I go. I need that extra lift hehe. xx

  3. I'm the opposite! I rarely shampoo. I also have dry, frizzy, curly hair, so I never have to worry about not having texture or grip.

  4. I stopped using it because it left buildup every single time. The most expensive one even tangled and greased up my hair. I could,barely get the knots,out! Conditioner is useless and makes hair look more matte and dirty. I gave up and my hair is happier

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  6. when I don't use conditioner, my hair feels way softer. Do you have an explanation? I have no idea.

    1. Hello! It depends on the natural texture of your hair, but it sounds like mine - using conditioner can make your hair feel flat, but just using shampoo means that the individual hairs aren't 'smoothed', so the end effect is a fluffier, softer look :) At least for me!


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