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My Maybelline Color Tattoo Collection & Swatches (Current + Limited!)

There's just something about the Maybelline Color Tattoos that make you want to collect the whole set! 

These cream eyeshadows are gorgeously pigmented and easy to use (one shade + your finger tip = an eye makeup look that looks like it took a lot longer to do than it did!) and come in a huge range of colours.

The Australian range currently have 10 shades available, but I couldn't help myself and I've picked up a few limited edition shades from overseas collections.

Where did you find them?! I hear you ask. Well! The best places for spotting these limited releases are discount makeup stores who get in small quantities of the American ranges, as well as Chemist Warehouse! But you won't find them on the shelf - be prepared to do a little digging in the bargain bins for these treasures. But trust me, the rummaging is well worth it, as you'll see from the limited edition shades that I've found below!

Tough As Taupe

(Current Collection)

Tough As Taupe is one of the few Maybelline Color Tattoos that are matte. This grey-brown shade is great applied as a base for a smokey eye, but is still definitely pigmented enough to wear on its own. And while I've never tried it myself, I've heard that it's amazing when used as a brow gel / pomade, similar to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow!

Pomegranate Punk


I really lucked out finding Pomegranate Punk! This deep, shimmery berry shade was previously part of the Australian Color Tattoo range, but after a while it disappeared from shelves. I was in a Chemist Warehouse looking at the Maybelline shelf when I found it wedged behind some of the current Color Tattoo shades. I snapped it up straightaway and when I got to the counter I asked if they had any more, and it turns out I had the very last one in Victoria! Lucky, huh?

Inked In Pink

(Current Collection)

Inked In Pink is one of the most gorgeous shades for everyday, because it has a slight duo-shine to it, sometimes looking pink and sometimes looking gold depending on the light. I just use the tip of my ring finger and lightly tap it onto my eyelids for an effortless day-to-day look. 

Bad To The Bronze

(Current Collection)

The hero of the Color Tattoo range! This is constantly sold out at Maybelline stockists, so if you manage to spot one (especially during the regular 50% off Maybelline sales!), Bad To The Bronze is well worth grabbing. This truly metallic shade and beauty blogger favourite really shimmers on the lids and is a great base for a natural smokey eye, or worn all on its own.

Barely Branded

(Current Collection)

The other favourite of the collection by beauty lovers is Barely Branded, which is most often used as a inner corner highlight. I find the texture of this champagne shade a little too 'lumpy' for me (though I might just have a dud one!) to use on my eyes so I rarely use it. But I have applied it lightly to my cheekbones and the bridge of my nose as a cream highlight, and it looks really gorgeous!

Barely Beige

(Limited Edition)

This limited edition shade is such a close match to Barely Branded, that if you already own it, there really is no need to hunt this one down. The only difference is the undertone of Barely Beige is slightly warmer and pinker than Barely Branded, which is a colder pale gold. 

Too Cool

(Current Collection)

I find Too Cool a little bit difficult to wear, as it's a very frosty, metallic white. I think for costume parties it would look amazing (Frozen's Elsa, anyone?), but for everyday wear it tends to just stay in my makeup case.

Cool Crush

(Limited Edition)

Cool Crush was never really released in Australia, but it's such a beautiful colour! The swatch below really doesn't do it justice - this shade is a metallic sea blue, that turns lilac in different lighting! I once dressed up as a mermaid to a friend's party and this colour was absolutely gorgeous on my eyes. I even applied a little on my shoulders and collar bone to create a really sea-like effect.

Seashore Frosts

(Limited Edition)

I don't know when I would ever wear Seashore Frosts, but it is absolutely stunning to look at! It's a very shimmery medium-blue that turns purple or gold in different light. It really does look like the ocean washing over the sand. This limited edition shade is quite similar to Cool Crush, except with a little more depth. But definitely different enough to justify getting both (at least that's what I told myself...)

Mossy Green

(Limited Edition)

Typical Jess - buying limited edition makeup even when it's 99% certain that she won't use it! I'm still waiting for an opportunity to wear this deep golden green, but for now, it's been sitting pretty in my makeup case. It's not exactly an everyday colour, but what's the fun in only buying neutrals?

What's your favourite Color Tattoo shade? Let me know in the comments below!



  1. I love these SO much. I have a few in my collection and they are gorgeous! So pigmented.

  2. I wish we had Cool Crush, it looks so beautiful!

  3. LOVE THESE!! Bad to the Bronze is my favourite shade!!

  4. My Barely Branded eyeshadow was also lumpy! Might've just been bad stock at chemist warehouse? I tend to just use it with an eyeshadow brush rather than my fingers but I'll definitely try using it as a highlight. Might pick up Inked in Pink if I spot it on sale too :)


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