Monday, 22 June 2015

HAUL: End of Financial Year sales - Sportsgirl, Cotton On and more!

It's sale time! And there's nothing that gets my heart racing, quite like seeing the percentage off signs beckoning me in store.

After all, everybody loves a bargain (and I need no excuse to go shopping)! But in typical Jess fashion, I couldn't help but pick up a couple full price items that were just too good to leave behind at the sales. Read on to see why I'm now avoiding looking at my bank statement...

Cora Cocoon Cardi - Cotton On, $49.95

Like what seems everyone on Instagram, I've fallen well and truly in love with neutrals for winter. Something about wearing multiple shades of grey, black and white is just so clean and classy in the colder weather, and no matter what combination you wear, the outfit will always look put together. This oversized cardigan is boxy, thick and so cosy, and if I didn't know any better, I'd think I was wearing a blanket around my body. #pyjamalife

Tina T-Shirt Dress - Cotton On, $24.95

I used to never reach for loose tee dresses because I always thought they looked misshapen on me. But now they're all I seem to wear! They're incredibly comfortable and if you're like old me and think they look too big on you, try wearing it with a long necklace or a straight-cut long jacket, which can help elongate the torso and make you look taller. I'm practically living in these dresses now!

Check Up On It Scarf - Cotton On $16.95

If you saw my last haul post, this scarf should look pretty familiar to you! I already own this in black, and these scarves are the biggest, cosiest, loveliest things to wear. I usually wear mine draped over my shoulders and when it's really cold, they're big enough to wear as a shawl. These sold out so quickly (I was visiting the same Cotton On store every week to see when this colour came in stock!), so if you see them, they're definitely worth picking up.

Soho Midi Tube - Cotton On, $10.00 on sale

Aaaaaand finally our first sale item in this haul! I'm so surprised that this was even in the sale section, as it's great quality, the print is so cute and it's a really comfortable skirt to wear. When on, it comes up to just below the knee, so it looks great when worn with a plain tee and ankle boots. So for a tenner, this was such a steal!

BRKLN Beanie - Sportsgirl, $14.95 on sale

I'm all about that beanie life, and am building quite the solid collection! They're so good for keeping your noggin' warm and for disguising day three (or five...) hair. You know what I'm talking about! 

Toni & Guy Rough Texturiser - Priceline, $16.99

I'm not a dry shampoo person. I don't like that they leave a residue in your hair and if it doesn't match your hair colour, it makes your locks look dirty. BUT, having dead straight hair means that I'll take any volume to my tresses that I can get! Enter, Dry Spray. Dry sprays are the lovechild between hairspray and dry shampoo, because they add soft grit to your hair so you can muss it up, but it sprays on finely and clear. Amazing. AMAZING. 

NP Set Eyebrow Brush - Target, $7.00(ish!) on sale

Ever since the amazing ABH Dipbrow came into my life, I've been looking for an eyebrow brush with a brush on one end and a spoolie on the other. And they're surprisingly difficult to come by! So when I saw this in Target for 40% off, I snapped it up quick sticks! I kind of wish the brush end was angled and a bit firmer, but for seven dollars, I'm still pretty pleased.

Pout About It! Lipstick in "Mystic" - Sportsgirl, $9.95

Oh, Sportsgirl lipstick. Certainly takes me back! When I was first getting into makeup, I always bought and used SG lippies, and as a result, I own about 12! When I popped in during the sales and saw this rich red berry shade, I couldn't resist. I'm yet to actually try this on, but I have a good feeling that it's going to be my go-to winter colour.

MAC Lipstick in "Craving" - Myer, $36.00

Welcome to the family, little lippy! I had been searching for a shade that is wearable for both day and night, while still being fairly nude and natural, so I was stoked to find this beauty. The girls at MAC suggested both Craving and Captive for me, and I ended up going with Craving because it was slightly pinker and sheerer. But I maaaaaaay go back and get Captive as well! 

Have you gone to any EOFY sales? What did you pick up? Let me know below!


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