Monday, 27 April 2015

REVIEW: Urban Decay Naked2 Basics Palette + Swatches

Confession time. 

I'm not an eyeshadow person. 

I know, I know - what kind of a beauty writer am I? But a few extra minutes in bed will always trump getting up early so I have time to add eyeshadow into my morning makeup routine. A bit of smudged pencil liner is basically the same thing, right? #lazygirlproblems

Well, that is about to change! 

Now that Mecca Maxima stocks Urban Decay Cosmetics (Australian beauties, rejoice!), I made it my business to get an eyeshadow look into my beauty routine, because now with the palm-sized Naked2 Basics palette in my possession, I have no excuse! So let's get to know this little cutie better, shall we?


When I bought the Naked2 Basics, I was actually surprised at how tiny it is! It's about the size of a smartphone, which is perfect for carrying around with you on the go. Plus I love that it comes in a sturdy, click-lock metal case. Hopefully that firm exterior protects my shadows better than my Naked2 palette did... The only thing I wish that this palette had is a brush - it's a great size for travelling, but I'd have to take a separate brush with me every time. It does have a mirror though, which is handy!

Colour Range

This gorgeous set of six cool-toned matte shades is the perfect palette for creating quick, simple and super pretty eyeshadow looks, and it's easily versatile enough to wear both day and night. And the Naked2 Basics shades all compliment each other so well that it doesn't even matter what combination of colours you choose to wear - your eyes are pretty much guaranteed to look good no matter what with this cutie!

Skimp is a creamy, yellow-based white that is perfect for highlighting the brow bone and if you have lighter skin, for setting your under eye concealer!

Stark is pretty close in colour to Skimp, however it's a little more pink-based. This is a great shade for applying to your inner corners to make them appear bigger and brighter.

Frisk is a taupe shade that may be the best transition colour I've ever seen for blending your eye shadows! When on, it looks very, very natural, as if it's an actual shadow on your eyes. This is the perfect crease shade!

Cover is a milk chocolate-y shade that almost has a hint of pink to it. When you see the swatch below, you'll know what I mean!

Primal is a cool-toned brown, which would look great applied to the outer corners of your eyelid to deepen your eye look. If you have lighter brows, Primal would also work really nicely as a shaping powder for you!

Undone is a dark, grey-based brown that I would use as a powder liner, applied to my top and bottom lash lines with an angled eye shadow brush. 


Just like every other Urban Decay eye shadow, this palette does not disappoint! Each of the shades are buttery and beautiful to blend. Even the lighter shades - which you would almost expect to be dusty and not pigmented - are rich and vibrant. And when paired with the Urban Decay Primer Potion (or any other quality eye shadow primer), these shades pop even more. 

You can grab the Urban Decay Naked2 Basics palette for $42.00 at Mecca Maxima and while it's pretty exxy for a six-shade product, the quality of these shadows really do reflect the price. It's also so hard to find high-standard matte eyeshadows, so whether you grab this one or the original Naked Basics palette, I really do think owning at least one in your makeup collection is a must!

And stay tuned - next week I'll have a makeup tutorial featuring this beautiful little palette for you!

Which Urban Decay Naked palette is your favourite? Let me know below!



  1. These colours look so great! I like the cooler tone for really contouring the eye shape! I have to say the price is actually pretty good...$7 per shadow is about drugstore pricing!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  2. I'd opt for this palette if I was to choose because I like my mattes :)

  3. Just lovely. Great review. I was considering getting it because I am quite pale, and I think now I might have to. I love the sound of what you decribed and swatched :)


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