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5 Must-Have Makeup Brushes You Need In Your Kit!

Yes, sometimes just your fingers can get the job done (get your mind out of the gutter!) but nothing can quite compare to the flawless finish the right brush can give your makeup.

And if you think the long makeup artist rolls of brushes are the norm, think again! You really only need five makeup brushes in your beauty arsenal - the rest are just extras!

If you've already got all five, great! If you're missing some, trust me, add them into your beauty routine and thank me later when your selfies are looking extra on point and you lose count of compliments... okay, that might be an exaggeration, but give these brushes a go and you'll be surprised at the difference they can make!

A Foundation Buffing Brush

No one likes streaky, uneven foundation lines, and this is where this brush comes in. Look for something with lots of very tightly packed bristles, which give your liquid foundations an airbrushed finish to the skin, as they gently and easily buff in the product. Just apply your foundation in dots onto your face and use the very top of the brush to blend it in using circular motions.

A Fluffy Powder Brush

This is a great multitasker. Whether your setting your foundation with powder, applying bronzer to warm up your complexion, or creating a soft, diffused contour, a big fluffy brush will be your best friend. These guys apply fine powders very evenly on the skin and don't pick up too much pigment (so you don't end up with too much powder on your face!). To use, lightly swirl the tip to mid-section of the brush in your pressed powder (use a lighter hand if using a loose powder) and then gently pat and blend the product onto your skin. 

My favourite: Revlon Powder Brush

A Blush Brush

You might think that a powder brush can also be used to apply your blush, but it's much more effective to use a separate tool. It's fine to use your powder brush for setting products and bronzing because these products are on the same colour spectrum. However blushes can be anything from orange to purple, so it's best to use a new brush! Pick something with a fluffy, tapered tip so it can effectively pick up the blush pigments and blend naturally into the skin.

A Wide Eyeshadow Brush

While it's nice to have a whole set of different eyeshadow brushes, you can really get away with just using one. But the colours will mix together! I hear you say. Well, the trick with only using one shadow brush is to apply your colours lightest to darkest so they don't mix into each other. Pick a brush that has a wide tip for picking up lots of pigment, and a rounded top which is great for blending and buffing in your shadows. 

My favourite: TheBalm Eyeshadow Brush (no longer available, but this one is very similiar)

Angled Shadow & Liner Brush

Another all star multi-tasker is the angled shadow and liner brush. You can use these lil cuties for applying gel or powder eye liner, as well as for shaping and filling in your brows. When shopping for one, look for brushes with short bristles that come to a thin and sharp angle at the top. The stiffer they are, the better, because they'll more accurately and smoothly apply any gel or cream products, like gel liner and brow pomade.


Did I miss any? What are your must-have makeup brushes? Let me know in the comments below!



  1. Hi Jess! I'm lowkey new with makeup and i want to buy my first set with my own money. I was thinking about buying the BH cosmetics dot collection ( but idk if the brushes are good/worth it. I was wondering if you could review the products because i really trust your reviews on beauty products/ everything else :)

    1. Hi Elizabeth! Thanks so much for leaving a comment and for your kind words, that's really sweet :) There are so many great brush sets out there and I haven't personally tried that BH set! I can definitely look into them because they look super cute, but that is quite cheap for such a big set - it does make me wonder about the quality! For affordable brushes, I really love the ecoTools ones (available at Priceline) and even the brush sets at Sportsgirl! Both are great sets for beginners that have all of the basics :) I do hope that helps, I would love to hear how you go! x


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