Monday, 26 May 2014

What's In My Bag - My Daily Essentials (Internship Edition)

A woman's bag is a woman's life. We pretty much carry everything and the kitchen sink around with us, but I'll argue that it just makes us extra prepared!

I've been interning at this incredible company for the last couple of months, so I've upgraded the back pack that I used to take to university with me to a classier, more grown up faux leather tote. And with this new bag, comes a whole lot of things to put in it!

So I thought it would be a fun idea to do a post about all of the things that I take with me to my internship - maybe it'll give you some inspiration for what to bring to your internship, or if you're just a bit of a sticky beak and like to see what people carry around in their bags (that's me, guilty as charged!), then read on...

The bag that I use was a complimentary gift with purchase from Shiseido (thanks mum!) and it's surprisingly great quality. The bag is soft faux leather with a suede-like lining, and there is also a detachable bag inside, which is great because the big bag doesn't zip up - so I can keep my valuables in that little pouch.

So, what goes inside? 

Of course, the usual suspects! My phone (complete with the adorably hilarious phone case that my best friend gave me), my keys and my wristlet wallet from Sportsgirl. If I'm running out the door for smaller trips, this is usually all I take with me.

I tend to always have something to read with me, whether it's a book or a magazine. I usually pick one up from the newsagent on the way to my internship in the morning, because my commute there is an hour and a half - i.e. a walk, a bus, three trains, and then another walk. #yep

So I like to have something to flick through to make the time pass! If I don't, you'll probably find me scrolling through Instagram or scheduling posts for my blog's Facebook page

Being a writing intern and a journalism graduate, a pen and notebook is a staple addition to my bag. I like having a place to jot down any ideas and keep track of my to-do list for my daily internship tasks. My notebook and pen are both from Typo - how cute are they!

I'm the type of person who will almost always have food on me. I get hungry! So I like to carry around a snack (in this case, a Thank You nut bar) and a bottle of water. I really don't drink enough water, so I'm trying to train myself into better habits. I'm surprised that there aren't any lollies in my bag at the moment; I'm a massive sweet tooth and usually I always have something sweet with me.

Plus, I have mints for staying fresh and a tube of VapoDrops because the weather has turned pretty sour recently and I think I might be catching a cold...

iPhone headphones - pretty standard, plus a spare pair of contact lenses (if you've ever lost a lens when you're out and had to go about your day with only one eye functioning... you know what I'm talking about!), some hand cream and hand sanitizer. 

And of course, what sort of beauty blogger would I be if I didn't take a few (read: a lot) of my products around with me? I rarely actually have to use anything in my travel cosmetics case, it's mainly if I go somewhere after my internship and need to touch up my makeup. 

I keep it pretty simple, I just take a concealer to cover up any areas that need a little extra help toward the end of the day, plus I use the Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Concealer because it doubles as a highlighter. Also in the bag is a fluffy powder brush and my favourite setting powder to nix any shine to my skin. Add a pocket-sized mirror and a few bobby pins to fix my fringe - it's still growing out and has a mind of it's own sometimes!

I know, I know, I carry around way too many lip products with me! I figure what if I want to wear a natural lip? Or what if it's a red kind of day? I like to bring options...

Lastly, I like to bring a travel-sized perfume, just because sometimes you need an extra spritz of loveliness! Well, that, or you've been running to catch your train and you want to smell fresh when you get to your destination... 

What are some of the essential items that you have in your bag? Share them with me in the comments below!


  1. Cute bag! I have so much stuff in my handbag, I'm thinking about investing in a small pack horse or donkey!

    Dani xo

  2. That bag looks so comfy and roomy!!!!
    love the phone case ^^


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