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ASOS Style Swap: How To Try Trends You Wouldn't Usually Wear!

Hands up if you've ever seen an outfit or a piece in a shop window and thought; who would ever put that on their body?! 

I can relate! Sometimes you get turned off a piece because you don't think it would suit you/it's the wrong colour/the print isn't right/the fit is unusual/etc. Just the other day, my darling friend Ally came over to show me the big order she made from ASOS and when I looked at her purchases, this thought immediately popped into my head,

I would never wear those!

Ally's six-piece ASOS order.
You see, the thing with Ally and I is that while we adore each other's completely different styles, it's pretty unlikely that you'll find us borrowing from each other's wardrobes.

I tend to swing from both sides of the style spectrum, alternating between bright colours and feminine florals to minimalistic looks with clean lines, whereas Ally sits in the middle with laid back silhouettes and graphic prints along with a statement piece or two.

That's me on the left and Ally on the right. As you can see, we're pretty different!
So, with that mind, we thought it would be fun to see how I'd style each of the pieces Ally bought into six full outfits, using items from my own wardrobe. And the results surprised us!

Not only did I discover that I could wear styles that I didn't initially think I liked, but Ally also found that by exploring pieces outside of her usual style that she was more motivated to try new looks!

So the moral of this post? Even if you think a trend or a certain piece won't suit you, there are definitely ways to make it work for you, which in turn expands your fashion horizons.

Read on to find out how I styled each of these trends and hopefully you can get some inspiration too!

I never thought I could wear: Chartreuse 

First impression: Well, it's already pretty unlikely that I would even stop to look at this on the ASOS website. I rarely ever wear yellow, let alone bright yellow and the pleats aren't doing me any favours.

When paired with a monochrome printed shirt, instantly the skirt doesn't become so loud. Add a straw hat, some simple Mary Jane heels and frilly socks (I love that the checkered frills compliment the pattern on the shirt) to create a more toned down outfit and suddenly the skirt doesn't seem so hard to wear. How cute would this look be for brunch or a day party?

Shirt (Jorge), hat (vintage), heels (Rubi Shoes), socks (Cotton On Body).

I never thought I could wear: Pyjama Style Shirts

First impression: Okay, the eyes kind of bug me out. I normally adore collared shirts of any kind, but this print isn't really my cup of tea. Plus the mint-coloured silk along the middles and on the sleeve cuffs is a little strange to me.

Add some more colour and the shirt starts to look a little more wearable! The actual cut of the shirt is great for work because it comes in at the waist, so I've styled it for a creative office look. I don't particularly want the shirt's print to be the focus (otherwise the eyes start to look at you!), so I've added the bright blazer, a printed skirt and some look-at-me heels to take some of the attention away from it. Plus a necklace to sit under the collar of course! It's one of my favourite ways to accessorise a shirt.

Blazer (Sportsgirl), necklace (Sportsgirl),  skirt (Sportsgirl), heels (Jeffrey Campbell).

I never thought I could wear: Fitted Skirts 

First impression: I'm a fan of black and white so I do like the actual print on this skirt (even if it hurts your eyes if you stare at it for too long!) but I don't usually pick skirts with this silhouette. I like skirts to fit and flare out, rather than hug my hips. I always find it hard to style them because I like tucking my tops into skirts and tight skirts like this one always show the line of the tucked in material.

That crisis is averted with a crop top! This look is a bit of an ode to the nineties, with a dark floral crop top, chain choker and a big burgundy anorak. Add a kickass pair of boots and some printed peek-a-boo socks and this look is rad for a night out.

Crop top (Cotton On), necklace (Sportsgirl), anorak (Living Doll), boots (Sportsgirl), socks (Gorman).

 I never thought I could wear: Oversized Tees

First impression: As a rule, I don't wear oversized tops as they seem to make my body look a little out of proportion. So when I saw that this top was not only a large fit but even had a peplum, I was pretty doubtful that this could ever work for me.

When worn, it turns out that this top is actually really adorable! Even though it's oversized, the peplum gives it a really feminine, flowy vibe, which I love. And since it's all black, I decided to incorporate some colour by adding some crazy colourful skinny jeans, a statement necklace and some glittery jelly sandals. The final touch were a couple of rings, just to add a little extra to the look.

Jeans (Finders Keepers), necklace (Sportsgirl), jelly shoes (Sportsgirl), assorted rings (Sportsgirl).

 I never thought I could wear: Round Sunglasses

First impression: I've always thought that the John Lennon-esque round sunglasses shape was cool, but they seemed to make too big of a statement on my face so I never contemplated getting a pair. 

As long as they're worn with an outfit where they aren't the focal point (ha ha), they don't appear to be as in your face (hardy ha ha). I've gone for a really autumnal look for this outfit, with warm neutral colours with a pop of maroon from the tights. It still gets bright in autumn, so a wide-brimmed hat is a good partner for the glasses. Then a long sleeved grey top tucked into a textured skater skirt with boots and a little necklace... what more could you want?

Top (Cotton On), skirt (CO. by Cotton On), hat (Rusty), necklace (gifted), tights (Rubi Shoes), boots (Sportsgirl).

  I never thought I could wear: Sheer Socks

First impression: You have to admit, even before putting them on they look a little questionable!! They're a bit 'nanna'-y and all around a little weird looking. But I suppose their saving grace is that they do remind me a little bit of Cher from Clueless. 

These actually look pretty adorable as part of a spring-themed outfit! Socks and sandals can work, as long as your kicks have a covered toe. To keep in tune with the spring-time look, I've styled the socks with a black crop top and leopard printed high waisted shorts and belt. And let's not forget the gorgeous baby blue floral headpiece to top it all off! 

Headpiece (CrownedByFlowers on Etsy), crop top (Cotton On), shorts (TopShop), belt (Dotti), shoes (Gorman).

Well, wouldn't you know! It looks like I could be pinching pieces from Ally's wardrobe after all!

What's your favourite piece from this post and how would you style it? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I could not see myself wearing that yellow skirt, but after seeing how you paired it with that outfit, I don't think it looks too bad :D


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