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REVIEW: ulta3 Lip Paints (All Colours & Swatches)

It looks like it's time to get lippy! Highly pigmented liquid lip products are really having a moment, with collections being released by both affordable brands (like the Rimmel London Apocalips) and higher end brands (like Lime Crime's Velvetines).

The latest name to jump onto the lipwagon (see what I did there? Hehe.) is ulta3, with a six-colour range of Lip Paints.

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the packaging? I can't help but love that these look like they're actually little tubes of paint! But they don't squeeze out the product like you'd expect–instead they all come with a doe-foot wand applicator, which is great because it allows you to be a lot more precise when you're applying it to your lips.

The collection includes six different glossy-finish shades, ranging from those you could easily wear everyday, to colours that you could really only bring out for a party. The colour payoff overall is pretty good–not quite up there with the Rimmel London Apocalips which are favourites of mine–but for $5.95 each, I'm pretty impressed with the pigmentation you get for just over a fiver.

The ulta3 Lip Paints also have a peppermint scent which is quite pleasant and refreshing–no sickly sweet perfume which gets a tick from me! I also noticed that the addition of peppermint oil to the formula also helped plump my lips slightly. It wasn't hugely noticeable, but it did make a subtle difference.

Now onto each individual shade...

Eclectic Orange
This shade is probably my least favourite of the collection. I don't tend to wear orange lip products and I also found that this particular colour had a 'thinner' formula than the others. The colour didn't come out as opaque as I would have liked and settled into the fine lines of my lips. Not quite a winner for me, but I would use it again as more of a lip stain (by applying a very thin layer) rather than as a full lip colour.

Radical Red
There's nothing quite like the allure of glossy, deep red lips. This shade didn't disappoint, with strong colour payoff and even application. Radical Red is a great cherry red colour that looks like a lipstick on, but applies with the precision of a lip gloss. I will definitely be using this shade again!

Expressive Fuschia
This shade is also one of the more pigmented of the collection and the product went on smoothly. I didn't need much product to cover my entire lips either–this shade is so opaque that I literally just had to smack my lips together after one application and then clean up the edges and it was done! Plus I love this hot pink shade–it'll look great paired with winged liner.

Extreme Pink
I have a love/hate relationship with this shade. I went to a candy-themed birthday party over the weekend and was planning on wearing this, but after trying it out, I realised that the finish is very sheer and it settled into all of the fine lines of my lips. It's a gorgeous colour but I didn't want to have to worry about touching it up all night, so I ended up wearing a different product entirely. I think Extreme Pink would be great for short term wear, for example if you were taking a quick picture rather wearing it for a whole night.

Manic Mauve
I cannot wait to wear this when the weather gets colder! In winter I love wearing dark, vampy lip colours, so this will be a great transition lippy (plus it's not so dark that it's scary!). It's a beautiful plum stain sort of colour and it's really just a shade or two deeper than the natural colour of my lips, so I'm in love with this one really.

Loud Purple
As soon as I swatched this, I was reminded of the Australis Velourlips in To-ki-o. The colour is almost identical, and even though the Velourlips are already pretty affordable at $9.95 each, the Lip Paints are even cheaper! The only difference is the finish–the Velourlips are matte while these have a glossy finish. The colour is pretty rad, but it's definitely not for everyday wear.

The ulta3 Lip Paints will hit shelves in March, so do keep an eye out for them when they're released in selected pharmacies in Australia.

Which was your favourite shade? Have another liquid lip product that you'd recommend? Let me know in the comments below!

*Disclaimer: These products were sent to me to review, but all thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.

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  1. These sound nice, the colour range is certainly bright! Not sure if any particular shade is calling out to me, but I might get the purple just to experiment haha! Are they sticky though, and do they transfer easily? I absolutely hate sticky lip products so if they are, I'd probably give them a miss.

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  2. These are sooo pretty, I'm loving the Manic Mauve shade! I'll definitely be picking these up when they hit the shelves. I like that they're not matte, I love a matte finish but I think it's been done to death!

    1. Agreed! I'm a matte lover too, but I prefer glossier finishes in the warmer weather :) Thank you so much for stopping by my lovely Instagram friend! xx

  3. Such beautiful colours, I love the Mauve one the best >.< Such a sweet lovely colour for spring!!!!

    恵美より ♥

    Thanks so much for visit my blog! I really appreciate it :)
    Big kiss!


  5. Gorgeous colours! love the fuschia and mauve xx

    1. Thanks lovely! I'm loving those shades too <3 xx


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