Monday, 17 February 2014

Collective Shopping Haul - Fashion, Accessories & Beauty

As much as I would like to stop it, summer will soon be disappearing. It's no secret that sunny days are my favourite kind, but at least the oncoming autumn brings with it fall fashion!

Skinny jeans, cosy knits and chunky boots–what's not to love? So even though it's still warm outside, I've decided to prep my wardrobe early (read: treat myself to a few new threads!).

Feel like treating yourself to a couple of things? Almost everything I've featured in this haul is linked if you want to check them out.

My previous and very much loved pair of wax coated jeans are finally starting to show their wear and tear so I decided to upgrade. A pair of shine-finish black jeans are a classic–they can be worn during the day with a collared shirt and a knit or dressed up at night with a silky cami (like the two I feature below!). Plus this super soft pair is high waisted. What can I say? Done.

Summer Cami in "Raspberry Daiquiri" and "Black" - Sportsgirl ($29.95 each)
I never wear strappy tops, let alone silky ones, but these were just too comfy (and, dare I say it, a bit sexy!) to leave behind. The neckline sits just below the collar bone and the back sits lovely and low. You definitely have to wear a low strapless bra, but the end effect is so gorgeous. These come in a variety of colours and patterns, but I went for two classic shades. Though I am considering getting a couple more!

I already bought the same cropped knit in a super cute polka dot design to wear to work and loved it, so I decided to also get this sweater in bright red for a pop of colour this winter (gosh, it's depressing to think about winter haha). I always wear high-waisted bottoms, so I love that this is cropped. Plus it looks great over a fitted dress!

I've been on the look out for a cute pair of heeled sandals to wear casually (I've been wearing the same gladiator sandals for the past two years...) and when these went on sale for the bargain price of 10 bucks, how could I say no? The colour goes with most outfits and they're really comfy–only thing is that since they don't have a back strap, sometimes they slip.

These are basically Chelsea boots. I have no idea what a Brat Gusset is, but to me, they're Chelsea boots! I like that they have a small heel for a bit of height and that if I wear printed socks they can still peek out the top. These are SUPER comfortable and I'm still waiting for a cool enough day to break these out with those wax coated skinnies!

This mascara is perfect for those with hard to curl lashes–when I use this, I don't even have to use an eyelash curler! Don't believe me? My previous post was a review of this mascara and you can see the amazing difference it made to my lashes here.

I'd heard really positive things about this creme eyeshadow on YouTube–things like it being a great shadow base and primer, a lovely shade to wear on its own, etc. But I'm not entirely sold on this one. It was a bit streaky to apply and creased fairly quickly when I wore it on its own, but it was a good base for powder eyeshadow. So I'm sort of 50/50 on this!

I've previously bought the old Brush With Fame Set and was pretty happy with it. I still use the flat shader brush from the set regularly. So I didn't feel the need to get this set at first, until a friend bought them and raved about them to me. I needed a couple of upgrades for some old brushes, so I picked up a set for myself. And for less than $20, five good quality, soft brushes is a great deal! 

Nail It! in "Metallic Nude" and "Matte Lilac" - Sportsgirl ($7.95 each)
Like what seems to be almost every other beauty blogger out there, I love the shade rose gold. So I couldn't resist picking out the nail colour on the left and it's even more beautiful on! I posted a picture of me wearing it on my Instagram (@hijessicaanne). The matte lilac I haven't tried yet, but I was so intrigued by the thought of matte nails that I figured I'd give it a try.

Fine Geo Midi Ring Stack and Love From Russia Ring - Sportsgirl (both $12.95)
Midi rings are really having a moment right now, so I thought I'd try out the trend. They're a little strange to wear at first, but they do look quite cute on! The larger ring actually has a funny story behind it–I tried it on while I was working (I work at Sportsgirl) and I couldn't get it off my middle finger! I bought it and it's lucky that I was already quite attached to it (ha ha).

and The Intern by Gabrielle Tozer - Target ($16 and $11)
As a journalism graduate, I'm kind of (well, a whole lot) obsessed with the world of magazines, so these two books are just additions to my collection of titles written by mag journos! I can't wait to start reading these ones.

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  1. Sooooo lovely I wanna go shopping too!!!

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    Loved everything you gut, especially the Rimmel Mascara - I so wanna try it out!
    Like always, I couldn't wait for you to post something! (:
    Have a sunny-side up week!

  3. really want a pair of boots like that!

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  5. Really cute boots! I'm excited about the books though! :)

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