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Top 10 Stress-free Sales Shopping Tips (Christmas GIF-Guide)

What three words are music to a woman's (and some men's) ears?

It's. On. Sale.

With Christmas coming up, there are sales popping up left, right and centre and crowds will all be heading into stores to tick off their gift lists. And with Boxing Day sales soon after, it's going to be crazy!

Okay, maybe not AS crazy as the above video based on the Black Friday sales (love you, JustKiddingFilms!), but they can certainly get pretty busy. One Boxing Day I was at Chadstone Shopping Centre and was there from 8am to 3pm and only managed to visit three stores–it was that packed! It didn't help that the phone reception was down and my best friend and I lost two of our group and were looking for them most of the day!

If you're brave enough to venture into the sea of Christmas shoppers like a little sardine, here are some tips that will make your shopping trip a lot more successful than mine!

10 Taken By Surprise Tips - Stress Free Sales Shopping

1. Make a list.

Instead of wandering around aimlessly, make a note before you go of the places you want to visit and the things you need to get. That way you can get from store to store quickly and much more efficiently.

2. On that note, prioritise your list.

Go to the stores you really want items from first, because if you want them, so will everyone else. And you want to get it without having to fight over the last one!

3. Get there early.

If there's something you really want and you know it's going to be in high demand or there aren't many left of them, try getting to the store early (plus it's easier to get a parking space) to avoid disappointment.

4. Wear comfy shoes.

You're going to be walking around a lot so flat, comfortable shoes are a must. Even better if they're easy to take on and off so they're not a hassle when you're trying on shoes or bottoms. So no lace-up shoes or heels! Trust me, you'll struggle.

5. Don't bother with long change room lines.

Wear a fitted outfit so you can try on clothes in the actual shopping area of the store over your clothes and use the mirrors on the walls to see how they look. Trust me, the fitting room lines will be super long and you could be waiting for up to an hour (ugh).

6. Look at the change room racks.

The stores will likely be really busy, so it can take longer for items returned in the change rooms to go back onto the shop floor. If you're devo that can't find your size, it might be hiding among the returned items in the change room. Score!

7. Bring a friend.

If you're going with friends, go in pairs because while one of you is changing, the other can help get sizes and give opinions. Even though during sale time there is usually more staff working, they'll likely be pretty busy too. Plus it's always nice to have someone to shop with anyway!

8. Pick a meeting place.

The phone reception can often cut out thanks to the hordes of people using mobile phones during big sales, so decide on somewhere to meet up if you get separated from your friends or family.

9. Don't bring a bag, or only bring a small one.

A lot of stores won't let you bring in a big bag, so take a smaller cross body one so your hands are free. Besides, once you've bought something, you can put the rest of your shopping into that one shopping bag instead of carrying around a few.

10. Take a snack.

The lines for food will likely be really long, so bring something light like a muesli bar in case you can't be bothered waiting in the queue.

Destiny USA contacted me to find out my tips for sale shopping, hence why I shared them in this post. They also have a great survival guide for Black Friday (but the advice is still helpful for us Aussies!) and you can read it here.

Now all that's left is to enjoy your bargains!

What are your tips for shopping during sale time? Do you prefer to shop online? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. hahaha those accompanying gifs are adorably funny! oh dancing babies teach me your moves

    1. Haha thank you Stephanie! I thought a GIF-guide would be a bit more fun than the usual Christmas Gift Guide :) xx


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