Tuesday, 5 November 2013

CrownedByFlowers featured in the short film Lucid Dream

Do you ever have those dreams where you feel like you’re really alive, can completely control your body and make your own decisions? You know the ones; you wake up the next morning and feel as if you can remember every detail?

That’s what’s known as a ‘lucid dream’ and that is the concept behind Initial Thought’s latest short film. Which, by the way, my flower crown business CrownedByFlowers was very proud to be a part of!

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while and read one of my posts a few back, you’ll know that Initial Thoughts is a film production team that are creating a three-part series inspired by the concepts behind my flower crown designs.

To catch you up, Initial Thoughts filmed an interview with me about my design process and from there they set out to create three videos about the ideas they formed about my flower crowns.

You can watch the video interview and the first video in the series here.

Their final piece is a short film called ‘Lucid Dream’ and it is a gorgeously shot psychedelic and mysterious story about a girl who wakes up in a forest.

The film features the CrownedByFlowers “A Walk In A Japanese Garden” flower crown and it was amazing to watch it really blossom (heehee) in this film.

The second video in their series is a little different, but is just as hypnotizing to watch. Initial Thoughts said they were inspired by how each CrownedByFlowers design is a one-off creation, so they set out to create a film that reflected that ‘uniqueness’. As a result, they put together this enchanting film about the unpredictable patterns ink make in water. It’s addictive to watch!

It was rad being a part of your video series Initial Thoughts and thank you so much Lupita, Danni and Jessica for wanting to work with me! It’s extremely humbling to see how my flower crowns contributed towards the inspiration for your amazing project and it was an absolute pleasure collaborating with you!

Show these three talented girls some love by visiting the Initial Thoughts Vimeo to watch the entire series.

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