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Sportsgirl Fan Of The Month - Prize Pack Haul

If you're a regular reader of my blog, you'll know that Sportsgirl is one of my absolute favourite fashion labels and my weekly pay packets often disappear into their collections (#noregrets). You would have seen their clothes, shoes, accessories and beauty items all appear in my blog posts at one point or another, and, well, what can I say besides I'm a little obsessed with the brand!

So I was so, so thrilled when I received an email from Sportsgirl saying that they'd seen my blog post on the I Scream Nails Workshop that they hosted in store (click here to read the post and see the rad nail art techniques I was taught!), and wanted to name me their Sportsgirl Fan Of The Month!

I hadn't even known that existed, so I was pretty chuffed to find out that I would be getting a special gift in the mail. What I didn't expect, was that the gift wasn't little at all, and instead an amazing goodie bag that I am so, so grateful for!

A lot of the prizes I won can actually be purchased from Sportsgirl, so I thought I'd do a post on all of the fun things I received in case you see something you like and want to check it out in store or online :)

First off the bag I received is a handy canvas tote bag with an adorable button fastener. I've bought off Sportsgirl's online store before and all of the orders come wrapped in one of these bags in one of the Sportsgirl colours (red, yellow, green or blue). So this is definitely an addition to my growing collection haha

Speaking of bags, this bag tag is so cute and will be perfect for when I go travelling. I don't actually own one of these already, but I have some travel plans in the works where this will definitely come in handy. Plus, how cute is the message it comes with?

I don't normally wear bracelets as I find them pretty bulky on my wrists, so I'm really happy that these two cuties are thin, lightweight bracelets! And I think the ladies at Sportsgirl must have read my mind (or my blog!) because the two bracelets feature roses and a skull, and I make Sugar Skull-like flower crowns for my Etsy shop CrownedByFlowers! So I absolutely adore these.

I've never actually tried any of the body butters from Sportsgirl (and they have quite a few!) as I've been working my way through a Victoria's Secret one for the last few months. But with summer coming up (i.e. bare legs season),  this will be amazing to have handy. Plus it has this deliciously creamy apple scent that isn't too strong but smells fresh and lovely.

How gorgeous is this keychain?? My keys are kind of overloaded with cute and pretty key chains so this one will be a welcome addition. I love how it looks like an old key that leads to a secret garden or somewhere else equally as magical. 

I actually already own this notebook as I went to the Whitney Eve by Whitney Port Collection Launch last year (read my post about the event here), but as a graduating journalism student, one can never have too many notebooks! 

And that goes for notepads too, it seems I'm always losing the one I keep on my desk so this one is perfect for me!

If I didn't love doing my nails before, I without a doubt will now! This little kit is pocket-sized, absolutely adorable and has heaps of tools in it (some, I don't even know how to use, but as a beauty blogger, I am willing to try!). This will be great for travelling with or for staring at its cuteness appreciatively.

Winter might be over, but as a female, we don't always need a hot water bottle just because it's cold if you know what I'm saying! This pretty Sportsgirl-themed cover will definitely cheer me up when Aunty Flo comes around!

Now THIS is a keep cup! This ceramic coffee mug is massive - we're talking Starbucks Venti kind of big! Which is radder than rad because now that I have my driver's license, having a cute travel mug full of tea, coffee or hot choccie to take with me as I drive is going to be amazing.

Make Scents Roll-On Fragrance in "In My Dreams" ($9.95)
When I unwrapped this, I literally couldn't believe it because this is the EXACT scent that I already own from Sportsgirl! I swear, the lovely ladies must have been reading my blog because they not only sent me the flower and skull bracelets, this perfume, AND the eyeliner I loved for two years (see below!). Even if it was a lucky guess, they certainly know how to make a girl feel special!

If you've been reading my blog for a long time, you'll know that this is the liquid eyeliner that I used to use when training myself on how to create winged liner. I used this baby for about two or three years, so it's a product that I hold pretty close to my heart and it's the one that I recommend any of my friends when they ask me for a liner that's easy to create a cat eye with. And would you believe it, I just ran out of my previous liquid liner so it looks like I'm back onto an old favourite.

Thank you so much Sportsgirl!!

I feel so lucky to be chosen and I can't wait to play with all my goodies! Anyone else out there who is a massive fan of Sportsgirl, make yourself known because this prize was absolutely amazing.

If you have shopped at Sportsgirl before, what's your favourite thing that you've bought? Let me know in the comments below!

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