Friday, 13 September 2013

Tips On How To Easily Organise Your Makeup

At least, how I do it :)
My makeup used to be spread all over four makeup bags all sitting on my vanity and as a result, about 70% of my makeup was never in clear sight. So I'd always end up using the same products over and over again on a daily basis because they were in easy reach and I'd constantly be misplacing products and struggling to find things. This is what my vanity used to look like...

So you can see I had trouble finding half of my stuff when getting ready in the morning! So I wanted a way to not only to display my makeup nicely, but oragnise it so I'm not scrambling all over the place to find things because I put that one mascara I desperately wanted into the wrong makeup bag #sillybilly

So I gave my vanity a big spring clean and here are my tips for you guys also looking to turn your makeup space from pigsty to pretty!

Taken By Surprise Tip #1: Invest in a few baskets/containers
Categorising your makeup is a great way to have easy access to all of your favourite products without them all being mixed up together. I bought these three plastic baskets from Daiso (my new favourite shop) for $2.80 each, which is such a steal. I decided to buy three - one for each main group of products and colour code what goes where. i.e. Pink for lips, blue for eyes, and yellow for face. And since they're plastic, they're super easy to clean when they - inevitably - get a little messy!

Taken By Surprise Tip #2: Tidy up your space
It's spring now and what better excuse to get into a little spring cleaning? Remove ALL of your products, clutter and other things off of your desk/vanity/bench/wherever you keep your makeup and give the space a good clean. I used window/glass wipes to really freshen up my vanity bench and mirror.

Except for my perfume corner haha but that's still organised!

Taken By Surprise Tip #3: Divide all of your makeup into type groups
Have you ever been rushing to get ready in the morning and you're stressing out because you can't find that particular product you need and then discover it hiding in the corner of an old makeup bag? It's a big time-stealer in the morning to be rummaging around for your things, so save yourself the hassle by organising your products into groups so you know where to look.

Taken By Surprise Tip #4: Organise each group of products into your containers
Be frugal here. If there are products that are running out, or haven't been used in over a year and you don't see yourself using them ever again (I'm looking at you, half-used chapstick from middle school - eww), bin them. Then just arrange your groups of products into each basket in whatever order suits you. I just grouped similar products together, such as mascaras together, foundations together, etc.

Taken By Surprise Tip #5: Rearrange your space to fit your products
Now it's time to put everything back in your space and rearrange any other items you had floating about (hairbrush, makeup brush holder, etc.). Notice how much room you have now? And how easy it is to just grab whatever product you're looking for? And I figure that beauty companies spend a lot of time and money making their products look pretty, so why not put them on display!

How do you organise and store your makeup? Have any tips? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Your vanity looks so neat and pretty now! Btw, I noticed the box of CleverWhite strips in your photo. How do you find them? Been looking at whitening my teeth.

    1. Hi Ty! I've used them maybe three or four times now and they are slowly (but definitely) whitening my teeth. They're these little strips - similar in texture to the listerine breath strips - that you put over your teeth and dissolve over 5-10 minutes. They do work, but I'm still waiting for a massive difference. I guess I'll have to keep using them for a while longer! :) x


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