Friday, 20 September 2013

REVIEW: Sportsgirl Your Number One Fan Nail Dryer

Hands up if you've ever spent a long time giving yourself a manicure, then ruined it by doing something stupid like opening a door or picking up a mug? Yes?

Dry cuticles, yes I know. Can anyone recommend a good cuticle oil??

So when I walked into a Sportsgirl the other day and spotted they had just released a nail dryer, I pretty much screamed (not a lie) and took one straight to the counter to buy. It was only $14.95, so I figured I was more than happy to try it out for less than an hour's pay.

This little Pac-Man shaped doo-hicky has a filter up top that sucks in air and shoots it back out through a fan to dry your digits. It also needs two AA batteries to work (I wonder how long they'd last though?) and once they're in, you can start using it.

Basically what you do is put your finger tips in the "mouth" and press down on the "tongue" (best way to describe it, haha), which starts the fan. 

It actually did a pretty good job! Between each coat, I left my fingers in there for about two minutes, and afterwards, I could touch the polish and not disturb it at all! Plus I was worried about the air creating bubbles in the polish, but it stayed smooth and really pristine so I was super duper pleased with that.

One coat, two coats, then top coat.

If you're wondering what nail polish I used, it's the Rimmel London Salon Pro With Lycra by Kate Moss Nail Polish in “701 Jazz Funk”.

- Very affordable
- Cute design, plus it's small and portable
- Actually quite effective at drying my nails

 - The fan is REALLY noisy! Pretty much as loud as a hairdryer.
- You can only dry one hand at a time. Of that, you can either have your first four fingers, or just your thumb.

In all honesty, I don't know if this is practical enough for normal manicure use (it seems like it would be way more fun to use on a sleepover when painting your friends' nails haha). Maybe I should just buy two so I can dry both hands at the same time? But I do like that I can dry one hand and use the other to use my phone or type etc., then swap over. And it is pretty fast too!

Would you ever use a product like this? Or is it too much of a hassle? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Ooooo I've been needing something like this, never have enough time to dry my nails! Guess I'll be popping by sportsgirl later!!

    1. It's seriously amazing, it's become a staple in my manicure routine! xx

  2. its nice dryer and good review


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