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I Scream Nails Masterclass @ Sportsgirl (Leopard Print Nail Tutorial)

You scream, I scream, we all scream for I Scream Nails!

If you've been following this blog for a while, you'll know that I'm the kind of person who rarely ever has naked nails (that sounds so sensual haha). And as an avid fan of Sportsgirl, I was super excited to see that nail art superstars, I Scream Nails, was hosting a number of manicure masterclasses in store!

I've been wanting to try I Scream Nails ever since I saw their work at the Lady Petrova Boutique in Melbourne so, of course, I booked myself in for a session.

During the one and a half hour FREE workshop, myself and a number of other nail art fans learned how to recreate this gorgeous, eighties-inspired rainbow leopard print design.

I learned so much from the workshop, from techniques, tools and tips and I'm going to share them all with you guys so you'll never have a dud manicure again.

But if nail art is a tad on the difficult side for you (don't worry, it does take a lot of practice), I Scream Nails also have a salon in Suite 6, 60 Langridge Street, Collingwood where you can book in for an appointment with one of their professionals to dress up your digits. Plus they also do parties and events, so if you want a fun, quirky and girly touch to, say your next birthday, definitely consider getting the girls in.

So, onto the workshop and Leopard Print Nail Tutorial!

1. Apply a thin layer of base coat. I always skip this step when giving myself a mani, but after seeing how much smoother my polish goes on afterwards, I will definitely be adding this step into my routine.

Sportsgirl Nail It in "Base/Top Coat"

2. Apply two coats of white nail polish and let the first dry before applying the second. Both should be thin coats so they dry quickly and you should ALWAYS apply at least two coats of base colour so you get an even, streak free base. PS: the photo below is after the first coat - I forgot to take a photo of the second coat, oops!

Sportsgirl Nail It in"White Out"

3. With whatever colour/s you like, apply some random splodges of colour on each nail. Make sure you wipe off the brush first so there's barely any polish left on the brush. That way the splodges are thin and not big goopy blobs that will take ages to dry.  Apply around five to each nail.

1 Sportsgirl Nail It in "Glow In The Dark Neon Pink"
2 Sportsgirl Nail It in "Glow In The Dark Yellow"
3 Sportsgirl Nail It in "Mint Sorbet"
4 Sportsgirl Nail It in "Tangerine"

4. With a black nail art pen, outline the edges of each splodge with one or two semi-circles. It shouldn't be perfect, so there are no mistakes here! Then apply a few dots and lines in the white spaces to help replicate the leopard print.

We were lucky enough to be ones of the first to try the new "The Polish Pens" that are coming out at Sportsgirl soon (Yay!). They're a marker style nail polish pen as compared to the salon-style needle tip pens, so they're super easy to control and handle. I can't wait until these come out so I can get one!

5. Once your black lines and spots have dried, all you have to do now is seal in your design with a thick layer of clear top coat.

Sportsgirl Nail It in "Base/Top Coat"
And that's it! 

I Scream Nails Top Tips

At the workshop I also learned a bunch of useful tips for my fingertips and since they were pretty much life-changing, I'm going to share the top three things I learned!

1. Enlist the help of an orange stick.
If you get polish around your nails, on your skin and/or cuticles, use an orange stick (you can buy these from a chemist or pharmacy) that's tip is wrapped in a tiny bit of cotton wool, soaked in nail polish remover.

So basically what you do is take a little piece out of a cotton ball, put it on the stick tip and twist it around so it stays, then dunk that in remover. Then you can clean up any messy edges and the polish around your cuticles for a cleaner look that doesn't disturb the polish on your nails. Just make sure to take off the cotton tip for each nail so the polish you took off doesn't get on the next nail.

2. Use a base AND top coat. Just do it.
Base and top coats are usually pretty exxy, but they're worth it. Because if you have great quality base and top coats, even the cheapest nail polish will last for longer without chipping.

Plus having a base coat helps your nail polish apply smoother and more evenly, and a top coat will give your nails a gorgeous shine and seal in your design. It's a win-win guys.

3. Apply top coat without touching the nail.
Say what? How does that work? Well basically, your top coat should be the thickest coat so don't wipe off your brush when you take it out of the bottle. Let that big dollop of clear polish drip straight onto the nail and then smooth the top coat over the nail with the brush with barely any pressure for that gel-like finish.

Want to flaunt cute nails? There are four more workshops available at Sportsgirl Chadstone on Friday 4th October at these times...

10:00 - 11:30am
12:00 - 1:30pm
2:00 - 3:30pm
4:00 - 5:30pm

...and you can book a spot for yourself and your friends by emailing your preferred session time to or phone 03 9413 2757. I highly recommend it, it was so much fun!

Do make sure to follow I Scream Nails on Instagram (@iscreamnails) or on Facebook too, for regular doses of gorgeous nail art inspiration!

What colours would you use to recreate this nail look? Let me know in the comments below!

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