Friday, 21 June 2013

Market Day: Fitzroy Market June 15th 2013

Poor university students + lots of unwanted stuff = market day!

A few of my friends and I have wanted to have our own market stall for months now and that finally became a reality last Saturday! We all wanted a big wardrobe clean out and since we've been to the Fitzroy Market and loved it before (see the post here), we decided to make a day of it and book ourselves in as stallholders.

But the stall wasn't just for our pre-loved-to-be-loved goods; my CrownedByFlowers flower crowns were also being sold at the stall and I loved chatting to market goers about my designs and watching them try them all on.

The day itself was a lot of fun; even though we got rained on several times! Note to self: Let's bring a tent next time or go again in summer!

Here are the snaps from the day...

Our stall was originally by the sausage sizzle stand, so we were lucky enough to be allowed to move to a less smelly area. And even more to our luck, it turned out that no one had claimed the empty spot next to us, so we were able to spread our stuff across two stalls!

Thanks to Tally for this photo <3

All of the CrownedByFlowers flower crowns ready to go!

Unfortunately the weather really took a turn for the worst and we got rained on a lot during the day! Luckily the super nice market organisers gave us all a plastic sheet to protect our stall! Though most of the day my friends and I had to hold it up like this to make a tent haha

How cute does Toby look in his flower crown <3

At the market I also met the lovely team from Waffelier, who make the most adorable waffles I've ever seen! It was my first time trying waffles, and they were delicious. Plus, I loved how they were served on a stick - just like a lollipop - so they were super easy to eat! 

They visit plenty of markets, so check out the Waffelier Facebook page to stay updated on where they'll be next!

My friends and I had a lot of fun at this market, and I'll keep you updated if we decide to go to another one! 

Have you ever had a stall at a market? What was your experience like? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Omigosh, this looks so fun! Toby looks adorable in his crown (I want it!), ahaha.

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    - A Korean fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog!

    1. It was such a fun day, even if we did get rained on! And I would love to, I'll come check out your blog x


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