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How To Pack Light - Four Outfits in ONE Duffle Bag

Have you even gone on a trip away and once you've got home, realised that you barely wore half the clothes you brought with you?  

If you're nodding your head, today's post is all about packing light and how to make your clothes work double (or even triple!) time instead of having to bring just another pair of jeans, just in case! 

Over the long weekend, I went away to Mildura - a country town in rural Australia - with my family and I brought ONE duffle bag's worth of stuff (half of which was my toiletries bag, so HALF a duffle's worth of clothes!) and got four different outfits out of it!

Below you can see exactly what clothes I brought with me; I tried to bring one of each thing to save space (although I did bring two jumpers) but everything below still managed to make up four different outfits!

What I brought...
1x belt
1x pair of tights
1x pair of black skinny jeans
1x blazer
1x circle skirt
1x beanie
1x scarf
1x dress
1x collared shirt
2x necklaces
2x jumpers 
2x pairs of shoes (flats & combat boots)

AND that all fit in my duffle bag (shown below), INCLUDING all of my toiletries/makeup, chargers and personal items!
Duffle bag from Heroic Rendezvous 
Check out my bag - it's not even bulging! Anyway, onto the outfits...

Outfit One - Car Trip
Red jumper - Jay Jays
Collared shirt - Vintage
Circle skirt - Valleygirl
Beanie - Freebie from a magazine
Tights - Myer
Combat boots - Dotti

I really wanted something comfy to wear in the car, so I went with a pretty easy going look for this outfit. Plus it kept me cosy because the weather here right now is cooooooooold!

I also have my mint green satchel from Typo, which basically held my camera, a few magazines and my phone.

Outfit Two - Dinner Out
Dress - Angel Biba
Blazer - Cotton On
Clutch - Sportsgirl
Necklace - Lovisa
Tights - Myer
Shoes - Vintage

On the first night, my family and I went out to a really nice Italian restaurant called Stefano's, so I dressed up by pairing a dress with a blazer. I wore the same tights I had on in the first outfit, and my clutch is actually my wallet - multitasking! 

To glam it up a little more, I added a statement necklace and curled my hair into a side swept look.

Outfit Three - Sightseeing
Jumper - CO. by Cotton On
Shirt - Vintage
Necklace - Jolie & Deen
Belt - Mink Pink
Jeans - Rusty
Shoes - Vintage

In hindsight, if I had known that my family was planning to go see a desert on this particular day (photos later in the post!), I probably would have worn something else! Anyway, I wanted an outfit that was casual and comfy, but still nice enough in case we went to a nice place for lunch or walked around town. We ended up going to a famous winery for lunch, so this was perfect.

Outfit Four - Fancy Dinner
Shirt - Vintage
Blazer - Cotton On
Necklace - Jolie & Deen
Belt - Mink Pink
Jeans - Rusty
Shoes - Vintage
Clutch - Sportsgirl

This outfit is almost identical to the previous one; I pretty much went back to the hotel room and took off my jumper and popped a blazer on. But that simple change instantly made my outfit look more formal and dinner appropriate. I seriously felt like I was in a cute little lady tux! 

P.S. sorry the photo quality is less than amazing; I literally ran out of the restaurant to quickly take these photos before it got too dark.

Now for those desert photos! There's this amazing expanse of sand dunes about 30-45 minutes from Mildura, and the views were incredible!

As you can see below, I was dressed very desert-appropriate in an all black ensemble... #sarcasm

Anyway, it was a lovely little family trip, and I hope that if you're heading somewhere these holidays that you picked up a few tips on packing lightly!

Which outfit was your favourite? What's your best "packing light" tip? Let me know in the comments below!


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