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Galaxy Nails Tutorial

Want a manicure that's out of this world? Oh she's a jokester...

Since I've been on my university break, I have a little more time than usual on my hands. Pun number two.

I've been seeing galaxy or space nail art around, so I thought I would give the trend a go and create a super easy to follow tutorial for you guys! This nail look is a great one to pair with a rad festival outfit, and takes half an hour (tops!) to do. All you need is a range of space-coloured nail polishes (I used purples, but you can use blacks or blues) and a sponge. 

So let's get started, to infinity and beyond!

Being a space nerd.

Taken By Surprise Tutorial: Galaxy Nails 

What I used:
Rimmel London 60 Seconds Nail Polish in "600 Deliciously Dark"
Butter London Nail Polish in "HRH"
Essence Tip Painter
Sportsgirl Nail It Nail Polish in "Midnight"
Savvy Nail Polish in "Silve Cloud Martini"
Sportsgirl Nail Polish in "Northern Lights"
Cutex Quick Dry Top Coat
Revlon Nail Polish in "900 Gold Get 'Em" (not shown)

1. Apply your base colour, which should be a dark shade to represent the dark skies (are they skies?) of space. It doesn't matter if it looks streaky, we just need a background colour.

Rimmel London 60 Seconds Nail Polish in "600 Deliciously Dark"
2. Using a sponge, apply a metallic shade from the same colour family as your base coat onto each nail in small sections. This is like space dust or faraway stars (I have no idea what it really is haha).

Butter London Nail Polish in "HRH"
3. Sponge on some white polish in curved line shapes to create clusters of stars. Press down with the sponge to get a thick white area, then lightly dab the sponge around that white area to create tiny lights and stars. Yay, it's starting to look like space!

Essence Tip Painter
4. With a black polish, sponge on to the corners of the nail to create "deep space". This helps give the space design some depth and makes it look 3D.

Sportsgirl Nail It Nail Polish in "Midnight"
5. With a very pigmented silver polish, sponge the polish along side the white sections, to give the stars some shine and sheen.

Savvy Nail Polish in "Silver Cloud Martini"
6. Using a white tip painter, a white nail art pen, or white nail polish and a toothpick, dot on stars. Add larger white sections, which act like planets or large stars. Create maybe two or three for each nail so it doesn't become too busy.

Essence Tip Painter
7. With a clear glitter polish, apply one coat to each nail. The one I chose has flecks of blue and red glitter, which I thought suited the purple scheme I chose really well. You can use silver or gold glitter, or match the glitter to the colour scheme you chose.

Sportsgirl Nail It Nail Polish in "Northern Lights"
8. With a gold polish, lightly sponge tiny sections around the white areas. This gold creates light, and made me think of the sun (or other stars) shining on things in space. Then finish off with a coat of your favourite clear top coat, and our galaxy nails are ready to take off!

What do you think of the galaxy trend for nails, clothes and shoes? Do you own anything galaxy-inspired? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. You have great style and are so creative! I love stopping by to see what you have come up
    with. GREAT nail art design.

  2. Lovely. The last pic is great with the water reflection :)

    1. Thanks Janna! It's actually the print from my dress, it definitely does look like water now that I look closely! :D x

  3. It is uber pretty!!!! love it!! you are so great at this <3
    btw i read your comment about making blog sale in my blog, and it was a great idea! :D

  4. I love the nails!! nail art is always fun. (:


  5. wow!! great job honey!!
    thanks for visit my blog!
    big kiss!

    Marianela xxx

  6. Great tutorial! I love galaxy nails :)
    I'm following now :) Hope you'll visit my blog too.

  7. Great tutorial. I love the galaxy nails! I want to give it a try.


  8. Oh my goodness, what an amazing job you have done!! These nails are too amazing! Shame I work in an industry where I'm not permitted to have beautiful nails...otherwise I would do these instantly! ;)

    Hope you have a gorgeous weekend darling,

    <3 Mandy xx


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