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Winged Eyeliner Three Ways (P.2 Liquid Liner) - Makeup Tutorial

Hi there lovely readers!

Here is part two to my Winged Eyeliner Three Ways makeup tutorial series, and this one is my favourite and most used of the three techniques - using liquid eyeliner!

This is the look you will catch me in pretty much EVERY SINGLE DAY because it's so fast and easy to do! Plus it can be dressed up or down, and I love the vintage vibe it has and how it opens up my eyes.

Want to learn how to do a winged eye using pencil liner? See Part One here!

Taken By Surprise Tutorial - Winged Eyeliner Three Ways Part #2

Liquid Eyeliner

1. As always, get your lids ready for eyeliner with a primer patted on gently with your ring finger. You can also use a liquid concealer or foundation if you don't have a primer. Also apply a small amount past the outer corner of the eyelid (that's where the wing will be).

Here I'm using Maybelline's Fit Me Concealer in Light 10

2. First off, rest your hand against your cheek to keep your line steady. With the point of the liquid liner starting at the inner corner of the upper eyelid, and run the liner along the lash line to the outer corner in one fluid stroke.

Here I'm using Sportsgirl's To The Point Liquid Eye Liner
(my fave!)
It's a marker/pen style, which is super easy to use.
You will notice a gap, but this is necessary :) You'll see why in the next step.

3. You will have a gap between the liner line and your lashes, so fill that space in now using short strokes. I like to wear my liquid liner quite thick, hence the "double-line" type application :)

4. Imagine your lower lash line extends out past the eye - if you follow the natural curve and angle of your lower lash line, your liner will naturally open up your eyes. Draw a 5mm-1cm line along that angle starting from the outer corner.

5. For a cat eye, starting from the end point of the line you created, connect it to the centre of the liner on the lid. Now you will have a triangle shape, which you can just fill in with liner for a gorgeous cat eye! Make sure to fill in the outer V too!

BONUS STEP: The liner look up til here is my usual day-to-day method, but if you want a darker and more bold statement cat eye, you can go over the marker liner with a wet liquid liner, like Lancome's Artliner like I have below.

6. Then just finish off by curling your lashes and applying lashings of your favourite mascara!

It looks like I have bad fake tan on my face in this photo hahaha
*I don't use fake tan, so that's weird XD 

And this is the finished look!

I also added a shimmery hot pink lipstick (Sportsgirl's Pout About It! in "Fashion Addict"). That's one thing I love about winged liquid liner - it's dressy enough to wear on it's own, but still not too bold that a statement lippy is out of the question!

If you'd like to see me talking a bit more about the winged eye, or would like a few extra tips and tricks of mine, here's the video from when I was interviewed as part of the Rimmel Beauty Insider competition earlier this year. Scroll down to Jessica-Anne to watch it :)

And for those wondering when the results will be out, I've heard they'll be announced later this year. Don't worry, I'll keep you guys updated :)

Stay tuned for Part Three, using Gel Liner to create a winged eye!

Part One - Pencil Liner


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  8. I love big eyeliner makeup! Makes me think of Marylin Monroe and Lana del Rey. x Romi

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