Sunday, 21 October 2012

Finders Keepers Market (Melbourne 2012) & Haul

"Finders keepers, losers weepers!"

Who else remembers this saying from when they were kids? Except back then, this phrase probably meant that someone had stolen your lunch money.

But, it is also the perfect name for this biannual market full of fashion and all things cute, kitsch and quirky, because if you miss out on any of the adorable goodness at these events, you probably would shed a tear or two!

The market, full of stalls boasting handmade jewellery, clothes, home wares and art, visits Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney, and I popped down to Melbourne's market day with two of my gorgeous friends <3

Here are the snaps from the day, plus my haul at the end of the post!

Saturday Lollipop Stall - how adorable are the mini Nutella jar necklaces!!
Saturday Lollipop Stall - gosh, these brooches look almost good enough to eat!
TMOD Post Stall - How cute at the animal masks? They're actually greeting cards!
Frankie Magazine Stall - I love this mag, and they were offering polaroids
with their caravan Betsy; um, yes please!
Ally, myself, and Sorrell <3

At first I thought these were goose spoons, but they're measuring cups!
So. Cool.
Sorrell bought this adorbs as bobble head kitty. 
Outfits of the Day

Ally's OOTD
Dress - Lady Petrova
Headband - Ally's own
Earrings - Lovisa
Tights - Forever New
Shoes - Django and Juliette

Sorrell's OOTD
Dress - Op Shop
Shirt - The Reject Shop
Shoes -

Shirt - Jay Jays
Skirt - Sportsgirl
Necklace - Lovisa
Shoes - Miss Shop (Myer)
Nails - Nail Rock (The Iconic)

Thank you to the lovely Ally for taking some of my snaps on the day <3

Now for the haul...

Earrings from the A Skulk of Foxes Stall
Lucky Dip Messenger Card from the TMOD Post Stall
Sushi Brooch from the Saturday Lollipop Stall
How could I leave this gem behind! The detail and deliciousness was too good,
I just had to have this lil cutie!
Lime Crime Eyeliner in "Orchidaceous" from Lady Petrova
I visited Lady P's Tea Party on the same day - separate post coming soon!
Nail polish from Miss Shop (Myer)
"Just Jasper" and "Pick Me Niall"
Happiness Body Creme from Miss Shop
Do you like shopping at markets? Maybe you've been to the Finders Keepers Markets before? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Haha I remember that saying, but in my case it was as insignificant as let's say, a tennis ball if it rolled into our 'territory'. I love Finders Keepers, the only problem is, it hurts my wallet, and so I just enjoy myself through soaking its kitsche culture. Oh my goodness, nutella jars! And crepes! And M&M pendants, they're so cute!!! Ah I love The Lollipop Stall, everything is so adorable and so figuratively delectable ouo Oh I remember those animal masks, it would have been appropriate for me to buy a deer one but I just cried away as I took several business cards. I love Frankie polaroids! The props are so awesome! Oh wow.. they're goose measuring cups. I thought they were soup bowls hahaha, what a clever idea. Aww, wait, BOBBLE HEAD KITTY? I've only seen bobble head dogs, that's just too charming to pass up! I think I spot a spotty unicorn in the background haha, this is like a heaven. Wow, Ally made her own headband? Props to her! And her dress is really beautiful, I love the lace/crochet neckline happenings. Her Mary Janes are in my favourite colour! I really like Sorrell's dress, it's got accordian pleats! Oh but your outfit is probably the most relatable to me haha, that skirt is divineee, the patterns, gah!! Wow, those prismatic earrings are so awesome, they would match your outfit entirely! Oh my goodness, that's a horse card, hahaha how cute, WOW a sushi broach, how perfect is that! It would be the centrepiece for all conversations no doubt. Your nail polish picks are lovely, I'm digging the pastel mint. I remember there was a '$1 fortune' at Finders Keepers which really darling cards, bought several because if you put a pricetag on fortune, I say, abuse it hahhaa.

    1. Wow, thank you Bambi! Haha I knew it was going to cost me a lot, so I purposely set aside a certain amount just for the market XD I KNOW, I was tossing up between the nutella and vegemite necklaces, but just couldn't pass up the sushi bento box :) I'll have to tell them that, I'm sure Ally and Sorrell will be flattered you think so! Thank you again for stopping by lovely, always so nice to see you on here :) xx

  2. I remember I found a yo-yo on the ground one time in primary school. Turns out it belonged to a boy in my year level so I used that phrase and he surrendered and the yo-yo was mine. It glowed it the dark. Very epic.
    I love going to markets! I only go there for the food and clothes though. I've never been to the Finders Keepers Market but I will definitely visit it one day.
    ps. love your outfit!

    1. It was law back in primary school! Such a silly little game :) I'm always hesitant to buy clothes from markets because I like to try them on first, do you have any tips on clothes shopping at markets? And thanks so much lovely! x

  3. how adorable! AHHHH!

    I want the sushi brooch!!

  4. LOVE your blog!
    Would you like to follow each other?
    Hope to hear from you soon
    Ally O

  5. awh, this place is so cute! i would love to go to something like this soon. all of the outfits you featured are so darling too!

    lindsey louise

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  7. Love your outfits!!!

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